Facebook has revolutionized all of the information they have been given. Here are some of my initial thoughts on the new Facebook-Graph search and the examples I cna share. I have ran countless items through the graph-search and some of them are definitely not family-friendly. Here are some ideas for searches you can perform with the new Google Graph search.

Las Vegas

My friends go to Las Vegas a lot. Even my friends from Canada go to Las Vegas. I have friends that have made recent trips to Las Vegas and I didn’t even know about it. C’mon guys, if you are going to Vegas then at least let me know.

Gay Friends

I have more gay friends then I thought I did. It doesn’t bother me if you are gay. I like that Facebook now allows me to segment my friends. I can now market directly to my friends in a unique way. If I write an article about something of interest to Gay men then I can message my gay friends directly on Facebook and send them the link to the article and ask them to share it.

 I can also find friends of friends who are interested in the same sex. I can find all the women who my Uncle is friends with who are interested in women. It seem I can find  a lot with Facebook Graph Search.

Lunch Anyone?

I can use the new Facebook Graph search to find almost anything including which of my friends have checked in at a Mexican restaurant before 

Who Blogs?

I can easily find out which of my friends blogs.  If you want to be found this way on Facebook graph search then you need to ensure you have checked that you “liked blogging”.


I like that Facebook allows me to easily search for women nearby who like to get drunk.

Ranchers Who Like PETA


People Who Live in Idaho and Liked InfoBarrel

If you are not yet able to use the new search tool then you can visit the Facebook Graph Page and request to be let in on the Beta testing of it.

People who Like to eat and Watch Dirty Films 

From this point on the results are very funny yet definitely not appropriate for InfoBarrel.