Have you ever felt euphoric when you saw the Facebook heart symbol on your wall post? This is not to say that the person who sent it does not make any difference. Of course it does, in fact it creates that sense of elation just by looking at this tiny yet emotional symbol, that represents a whole set of crazy emotions like love, passion, hope; but also hatred, rage and agony. Strong emotions that can represent both bliss and misery that can literally make your whole world go around in circles.

 Facebook Heart SymbolThis is a unique icon that defies language, race and religion; a unifying force that links everyone together. This is especially true with Facebook where you have a venue to meet people you have not seen in a very long time and make new friends with people you have the same set of interests with.

If you have been using Facebook for some time now, you will notice that facebook emoticons play a matchless role in sending heartfelt messages. This is noticeable as a heart emoticon in every 20 posts in your wall. There are Facebook users however, who are not familiar how to create the heart icon. So to help you design a new fashionable look on your wall posts, here is how you can do it.

How to Use the Heart Symbols on Facebook

Create the heart icon depending on the operating system running on your computer. Here is a summary of commands you can use:

  • Familiarize yourself with the different Alt codes, this is especially useful if you’re running on Windows. Just press Alt sign followed by the number 3, no space in between. (Alt3)
  • Use the Shift states on your Windows symbols by using either Ctrl or Alt then type the key that is specifically assigned for the heart. Check the code from your Unicode encoding and see the many characters and symbols you can use for your Facebook account. This page list all facebook symbols and alt codes.
  • Check your Windows character map and copy the code needed to create your Facebook symbol. You can use the same code on your keyboard to create the heart symbol on your Facebook wall.
  • If you are using Mac OS use the Mac keyboard viewer to view your Mac heart and its code or you can use your Mac OS character pallete.
  • For Linux users check your Linux OS character map or Unicode Hex codes.
  • And for HTML use the following codes for various heart symbols


    How to add facebook emoticons