Top 7 Things You Should Never Do on Facebook

Facebook still remains as one of the most popular social network sites in the world. It is in fact the second website most visited, according to the Alexa page rank; just to give you an idea: Google is number one and Twitter number 8. I actually joined Facebook in February 2008, after a few inappropriate photographs taken on night out with friends were posted on the social network; as a consequence of “tagging me and my friends”, the girlfriend of one of them ended the relationship; now, I won’t give you more details about those specific photos but I will tell you how surprised I am to still see embarrassing or irritating comments, posts and photographs posted by many of my friends, I try not to give any information away on Facebook but I love reading the news feed first thing in the morning, it is the perfect way to start the morning: having a good laugh at your friends, is that wrong? Well, they willingly post the comments so why not?


Top 5 Things You Should Never Do on Facebook


1) Forgetting to delete people that should not be on your Facebook list

As a general rule, you should always delete your ex-girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, etc. Let’s be honest, even if you ended the relationship in good terms; that person was with you for a certain period of time and the “stalking” element will come to light on Facebook, especially when you are giving it all for free; in the majority of the cases, that person will be checking your Facebook on a daily basis to read your comments, and in particular, to see new photographs of you and your “new friend”; if that happens, do expect a random text message the morning after from your ex asking you how are you feeling.


2) Mentioning you are on Holidays:

Ok, it is our right to brag in front of your friends; you have earned it! But why do you have to post it on Facebook? I am surprised to see how many people give clear indications of how long and where they will go to; the first update usually comes at the airport: “Damn, my flight has been delayed for 45 minutes”, this is usually followed by photographs from the hotel, then the beach and to finish, a photo of you in the airplane on the way back home looking like a zombie. There are two things that are important to know: No one cares about your holiday snaps, I just don’t want to read that you are having fun while I am in the office; oops, sorry, in my house, since I don’t check Facebook at home J; but the second and most important one is that this is the dream for thieves; I am not saying that your friends are, but how many people you don’t know have you accepted as friends?

3) Adding the wrong people:

As a general rule, you should never ever add your boss as your friend; as the matter of fact, you shouldn’t add any workmate; you don’t really want your boss to see photographs of you on a night out kissing the receptionist or reading your updates saying that you are out buying new clothes when you are supposed to be working from home, or even worse, when you called work to say you are sick and will stay at home. Something funny happened to one of my friends; he left work at midday saying he was feeling ill; he didn’t even have a Facebook account but one of his workmates did and he was “friend” of my friend’s boss; as usual, he posted a comment saying he was playing golf with “John” and his boss read it; fortunately he was not fired but he won’t be able to take a sick day anytime often. Just Google: people getting fired over Facebook and you will laugh reading the stories.

4) Spamming your Facebook friends:

Spam your friends with promotional stuff and Facebook applications is not cool, it is not nice and it won’t be appreciated by your friends; they don’t care if you are using the Tynichat video chat or the BandooChart, don’t do it; spamming is a big problem and Spammy Facebook apps are not any better; just don’t do it and your friends will save time by “not accepting your invitation”; also it doesn’t make you look cool to use stupid applications.

5) Providing too many details:

You should never add your full date of birth, address and telephone on your Facebook account; identify theft is an increasing problem and it won’t get any better if you provide all the information they need. You should add your day and month of birth, otherwise your friends will never know when your birthday is, but you should never add your year of birth; also, you don’t want phone calls or messages from people you don’t really want to be in contact with.

6) Not adjusting your privacy, account settings and others:

You should check your privacy settings on a regular basis as they change all the time without your permission. Click on Accounts and then Privacy Settings; now you can set the controls on what you want to share online. I normally customise my settings to share status, photos and other information with friends only; you don’t want strangers or stalkers to know every single detail about your life. Another important setting to adjust is to avoid displaying your profile on web searches; this is an option on privacy settings and allows your profile to appear on Google, Yahoo and others once a person searches for your name; if they are really your friends, they have already being included in your Facebook list.

7) Don’t write on a wall when it should be a private message, especially when you are moaning or depressed:

Be careful not to share too much information about your plans or feelings on Facebook, it will not only make you look more vulnerable, but people don’t really want to read depressive stuff on Facebook; you shouldn’t moan too much either, especially if you are moaning about your work or boss; try too use the message option instead.