This is a great trick that lets you to log into your Facebook account and open it up inside your Gmail account.You can set it up in a few minutes and once implemented you can do any of the usual facebook activity's in the sidebar or main frame of your Gmail account.

Google Gmail labs offer a number of cool settings and applications you can use within the mail area of your account.In a recent article i showed you How to use Twitter in your Gmail Account, if you set up both you can then check your mail, Facebook and Twitter all on one page.

Image Preview : Facebook Open In Gmail Account

Facebook In Gmail

Here's how to Facebook in Gmail

1. Log Into your Gmail and click 'Labs' in the top menu.

2. Scroll to the foot of the page and tick 'Add any gadget by URL'

3. Now Go To settings in the top Menu of the page and Gadgets in the menu above the mail area

4. You will see the 'Add any gadget by URL' area - paste this URL in and click 'add'

Note : This gadget is safe this is the creators Page : Ibuno

You will now see your facebook gadget in the sidebar of your Gmail and you can click the 'Expand' option at the top of the Gadget for it to open into your main Gmail area as in the image above.

This is a nice easy internet trick that should save you time and keep you connected with your friends.