gunFacebook Mafia Wars players have no doubt noticed many changes to the game in the past several months; so many changes it can seem hard to keep up with them.

Players who haven't logged in recently will first notice that they are being asked to send their friends and Mafia Wars family members a gift. There are multiple reasons for accepting this and sending out gifts.

First, more gifts that a mafia boss sends out to their family, the stronger the family becomes which in turn will help win fights and wars. Next, sending gifts out to family members gets gifts sent back. Most Mafia Wars players will reciprocate when given a gift.

Finally, gifting in Mafia Wars is a requirement in the Achievements. There is a certain number of people who have to receive a gift in order for the Achievement to be completed.

How It Works

On the requests area of Facebook there will be alerts stating that there is a gift waiting, what the gift is and who it is from. The choices are to ignore the gift or accept the gift.

Ignoring the gift is not a wise choice as it will only stay on hold for a few days. Accepting the gift opens the game up and offers the chance to reciprocate before forgetting to do so.

Gifting is a fun and easy way to accumulate more inventory and at the same time share in the game experience by interacting with friends. Zynga, the Facebook Mafia Wars Creators are continuing to update the game with new and exciting changes, so be on the lookout.