It was bound to happen, with the immense popularity of MOB on MySpace and the ever-growing number of applications available to Facebook users, Mafia Wars has increased daily in popularity and number of players. Facebook Mafia Wars, like MySpace MOB requires you to be 'friends' with your Mafia members and growing your Mafia team is key to moving forward in the game.

While Facebook Mafia Wars is a game, it can also be addictive in nature. After one evening of a few hours on Facebook, I found myself logging in before heading to the office the next morning to check on any new recruits for my Mafia Team. The best method is to invite your current friends to be on your Top Mafia team. Whether or not they respond is a different matter altogether. The age group and reasons for networking on Facebook are somewhat different than MySpace.

You might find that some of your friends are not too eager to play an online game with you. There are other ways to increase your Top Mafia. By doing a search on Facebook for Mafia War you will reach a page dedicated to the game. On that page you will find discussion boards with many posts where people are asking to be on a Facebook Mafia Team.

Since you have to be friends with your Top Mafia Members, you will need to select and request to be friends with as many people as you want on your team (currently, Facebook Top Mafia teams can have up to 500 members). My experience with this method has proved to be successful and I have recruits from around the world. One of the things I have learned: when scrolling through the postings requesting friends, it is best to start at the last page as those are the newer postings and they are less likely to have already been friended.

Once you Top Mafia team begins to grow, don't forget to log in regularly to at least do a few jobs and score some points for level moving. You will be surprised how fast your money will grow with the addition of Mafia team members. If any of your members should be taken out in a 'hit', you can go back to the discussion boards and search for more friends.