According to PC World's Hillary Rhodes, Facebook may be past it's prime. Some of the reasons offered are as follows;

1) Facebook veterans are defecting to Twitter (I won't pretend to understand why)

2) People who actually have lives don't use Facebook as they don't have as much time to spend online

3) In the real world, people often have good reasons for losing touch with old friends etc.; let's face it, we maintain contact only with those people we actually care about and have interest in

4) The potential for disaster and embarrassment is pretty high

I've had a Facebook account for about 8 months now and am considering deleting it.

The following is my personal list of Facebook related grievances and these are not primarily due to the site itself but its users.

Facebook is not a Dating Site

I keep receiving friend requests from men I don't even know or want to know. Most have enough sense to send a note explaining their interest in me, while others just give me the same old line that doesn't even work in offline life, "Do I know you for somewhere?" No, no and no. Now stop cluttering my inbox and switch to eHarmony or

Don't Forget to Post Those Pictures on Facebook

Are people these days creating and maintaining albums only on Facebook? Some people actually have hundreds of photos on the site, documenting each trivial and significant thing they did. From the last time they had coffee with a friend to their weddings and child births. Why do people do this? Why do I have exactly 171 pictures on Facebook? Granted the vast majority are not actually pictures of me or other people, but sites I visited on my last vacation. Some are of my cousin and close friend who died of cancer a few years ago. Nonetheless, do I have some perverse need to essentially brag about how great, eventful and interesting my life is? My pictures might make someone believe that, but I rarely take pictures when I look or feel like crap. By posting so many pictures, how many of us are simply looking for attention and validation? These days whenever I take pictures, someone invariably says, "don't forget to post those on Facebook." ARGH, this is becoming too much work yet I post.

Updates Which Simply Freak me Out

I actually know someone who updated their Facebook status while in labor. What??? Wouldn't you have other things on your mind while giving birth to a child? Not only that, she went through NATURAL childbirth. This may actually be commendable, but it freaks me out. Someone else let all of his friends know that his marriage imploded because his wife cheated. A month or two later he took her back!!! One told hundreds of people that a member of her family is serving time in jail. Yet another was updating her Facebook status before and right after her mother's funeral. Simply freaky luckily I haven't actually updated my status on Facebook since last week, and the update is a quote not a public announcement that my last bowel movement went without a hitch.

Desperate Women Who Publicly and Deliberately Hit on Unavailable Men

This one actually deserves an article of it's own, and even a few subsequent articles which will focus on the negative impact social networking sites such as Facebook can have on love and relationships.

In the mean time check out How to Avoid Annoying People on Facebook and Looking Like an Idiot. You'll find a few more grievances there along with tips on proper Facebook etiquette.