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1. It works. That's more than I can say for most other Facebook private profile viewer tools.
2. It's free. Just a side note here, don't bother trying to become a premium member on the site - they used to allow new members to join for around $50/month to have a lot of extra useful private profile viewing services, but they stopped accepting new members a while back in order to maintain the secrecy of their inner workings.
3. It's backed by a real company. If you take a look around the site, you'll notice the company has real products either in development or already in existence, helping prove the legitimacy of their private profile viewer.


As with any Facebook private profile viewing tool, it could stop working at any time if Facebook notices and fixes whatever loophole the viewer is taking advantage of.

Full Review

There are numerous "Facebook private profile viewers" all over the internet, all of which claim to let you be able to view private Facebook profiles. This review will dive into such tools, and try to discern between fact and fiction when it comes to using them, as well as review some of those that exist.

In general, people of all ages and origins find themselves in situations where they wish to know something about another person that they may not be able to find out via normal means. It could be a significant partner, whom you fear is cheating or lying about something. It could be an old friend whom you should remember something about, but you're too embarrassed to ask. And there are seemingly limitless further situations in which a similar scenario can apply.

Often, the solution may involve viewing a private Facebook profile, without letting the person know you are doing so. In these types of situations, you will find yourself scouring the internet in search of private profile viewing tools - and there are SO many. And yes, some of them DO in fact work - I know from experience. However, the majority of them DO NOT.

In this article I will first mention one that DOES work, and potentially bring up others that do not work later on. At any rate, regardless of whichever profile viewers do or do not work, there is one option that will almost always work. Make a fake profile and become friends with the person whose profile you want to see. Walla. Of course, you have to be crafty when utilizing this strategy, in order to insure the target accepts your request - just use your imagination :)

Anyway, the one profile viewer that I have found seems to always work is called View Private Profiles Free. I will dive deeper into this tool below.

In Closing

In conclusion, at the moment this is a great working product that really does allow you to view private Facebook profiles. However, due to the hectic nature of the Facebook private profile viewer market, the tool may not be working anymore by the time you read this.

Also, there are plenty of other tools out there, so if you really are too lazy to take the route of making a fake profile to become actual friends with your target, you can still search for more options. One other one I can think of off the top of my head is called: Facebook Private Profile Viewer - Yea I know, really original huh?