The bad guys are on the prowl again. This time, they are definitely employing more sophistication and ingenuity. The average Facebook user is now more than ever susceptible to the nefarious activities of hackers and scammers. The most identifiable causes of the increasing number of successful attacks of Facebook accounts are users’ complacency and naïvety. Taking this into account, Facebook has recently come out with a security guide document that educates Facebook users on how to adequately protect their accounts from all forms of malicious attacks. Go to the Facebook site to download the guide. It’s free.  

Facebook Security

In the mean time, let’s share some basic dos and don’ts of using a Facebook account. The following information will greatly enhance the security of your Facebook account.

  • Don’t be naïve. Scammers might have gotten control over your friends’ Facebook accounts which they can then be using to send spurious links. Beware of links.
  • You should always log out of Facebook when you are done. This is essential if you are using a computer that is not yours.
  • You should only add those whom you know as friends. This might look too restrictive. But unfortunately, hackers have exploited users’ permissiveness for some time now.
  • Beware of strange posts from ‘friends’. If a post doesn’t look like what would be sent by your friends, you should not click on it.
  • Protect your passwords by not sharing it with others and make it a point of duty to change passwords regularly.
  • Don’t let your personal details be known by people or companies you are not interested in or don’t trust.
  • Always use browser add-ons that protect computers like Firefox’s NoScript.
  • Always make sure your Antivirus software is up to date.
  • You should also make sure you are using the latest version of your browser along with all necessary add-ons.
  • Whenever possible, use secured browsing.
  • Beware of sites you visit to download softwares. Some of those sites are not what they seem to be.
  • Lastly, shun those requests asking you to log into Facebook for a second time. If that happens, open a fresh tab and type in to take you directly to the facebook site.

So guys, let’s not forget that the bad guys are always they're looking for the vulnerable accounts. Taking those simple precautions, you can save yourself from being a victim.