Sharing your travel or party photos with your friends is the perfect way to keep in contact with them, as they will always make comments; especially if you have tagged them; now, I am not sure about updating my status every 3 hours to let the whole world now what is happening with my life and what I will be doing in the next 5 minutes; however, I know that many people love this Facebook feature and I respect that; my only recommendation would be NOT to provide details that could be used for identity theft; the year of your birth as well as your address and phone number should not be included on your profile; especially if your profile can be searched without restrictions.

Facebook Setting, Privacy Settings Facebook

There have been a lot of cases of people being scammed on Facebook; however, in the majority of the cases, the users are to be blamed for giving too much information, adding friends they don’t know and not adjusting the private settings properly. There are, however, simple steps you can take to be safe online, the first one is to go through your Facebook list and delete those who you don't know or don't keep in contact with. As an extra measure, you need to adjust the security level to avoid other people to see private information.

Facebook Security: Adjust Privacy Setting Facebook

1. Log in and go to your main profile.

2. Click on Account at the top right of the screen.

3. There are five drill-down options but we will be focusing on “Privacy Settings”.

4. Click on Privacy Settings

5. On the left hand side you will find:

  • Everyone: this is the less reliable; everyone with internet access will have access to your photos and personal information on your profile.
  • Friends of Friends: still unreliable as you Facebook friends of friends will have access to check your profile and photos.
  • Friends: this is the most convenient, but only if you are sure that all your Facebook friends are actually friends; many people accept people that they don’t even know.
  • Recommended: this is Facebook’s preference and it is a mixture between the previous three; the problem is that your status, photos, posts, biography and family details will be available to anyone with Internet access.
  • Custom: this is normally used if you want to set extra security levels; for example, if your boss has added you as a friend, you have the option to customise and hide any comments, posts and other details from him or her.

6. After reading the information above you can decide the setting that works better for you. The first four are simple to select: click on any of them and then click on “Apply These Settings” at the bottom right corner.

7. Assuming that you want to “block some details” from some of all of your “Facebook friends” then click on Custom.

8. Now click on “Customize settings”

    • Just as an example go to “Photos and videos you’re tagged in” and click on Edit Settings.
    • You can select if you want to share photos with everyone, Friends of Friends, Friends or select customize if you want to block people seeing them (your mother or boss for example). However, you also have the choice to block it completely, and make it viewable only for you. In the last case, select “Only me”
    • Now click on Save Settings.


      Congratulations, you have completed your first step to Be Safer Online.


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