Electronic Spam, Facebook and Spammy Facebook Apps

The word Spam is a relatively new term applied mainly in the world of the internet. Spam was considered as the use of automated messaging systems to generate unsolicited emails; however, in recent years this term has been broadly used to represent any kind of unwanted online communication. Due to the expertise of unscrupulous people, known as spammers or in some extreme cases “online criminals”, spam has been extended to text messages, instant messages (messenger and others) and social networking; one good example is Facebook, one of the most used social networking sites has been inundated recently with this increasing and frustrating problem.


Be Safe online, Facebook SpamHowever, the problem is even bigger for this popular network site; there are many Facebook Applications that are now considered “Spammy Facebook Apps”; even Mark Zuckerberg (CEO/President of Facebook) is not happy with the current situation; in a recent New York Observer article, it clearly reads “even Mark Zuckerberg can find himself being annoyed by Facebook’s excessively invasive, extraordinarily stupid apps at times”[187]; according to the article, an application was installed by one of his friends but it automatically generated and sent a post saying how awesome this specific app was, and inviting all his friends to visit the site and watch some videos.


Facebook Anti-Spam

The success of any company will also create inconvenience in the way; in this case, spammers are propagating massively, getting to a point that is almost too complex to administer; fortunately, there are also applications that allows us to maintain a certain limit of protection in our accounts. Facebook and all internet browsers are playing an important role in combating and reducing spam and it is our responsability to use all the tools provided to fight this growing problem.


On a regular basis, many anti spam campaigns are launched and distributed quickly on Facebook, this kind of applications are useful to block malicious posts and messages; Websense has created an app called Defensio, this powerful application provides extra security and control to protect your profile, groups (if any) and facebook’s friend from any spam or unwanted content. Once installed, you will be able to set the security level in your administration panel in order to block links by category, filter words you do not want to publish on your profile or those generated automatically with the use of scripts.


There are many other anti-spam apps on Facebook but before you install them, make sure to read all reviews available. It is important to highlight that Facebook has launched their own Anti-Spam filter; however, this is only available for the administrators of groups. Current trends make inevitable to create authoritative control settings to offer protection and eradicate the propagations of spammers; be safe online should be our priority.


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