How to Market on Facebook

Since Twitter and other social sites gained popularity; Facebook users are not spending the same amount of time they used to spend; however, it is fair to say that Facebook still remains as the most popular social network site at the moment; this is the main communication tool to keep in contact with friends and even family; also, especially within the younger generation, the use of an invitation for a special occasion has been replaced by a “Facebook event”.  Nowadays, the potential of this social site has been discovered by many companies (small and big) as well as individuals and is now widely used as the perfect marketing tool to promote your business, hobbies, articles or your career (e.g.: if you are a writer or actor you can create a lot of publicity for your work). Facebook will grow over the next few years and your company must adapt to the changes to remain profitable.


Facebook for Business


Facebook Tip 1: Create an Official Page

The first step for success is to have a Facebook profile for your business or hobby that you want to transform into a money making machine. You have different options: one of the most popular for a small company is to create a personal profile for the business, as well as a page fan; if you are an individual wanting to promote a hobby you can create a fan page from your personal profile. A different option is to create a Facebook Business account but you will only be able to administer pages and their ad campaigns.


Facebook Tip 2: Establish your Brand

Consider the importance of your brand from the moment you create the official page; think carefully about the name of the page, as this must truly and accurately reflect the product or service you want to promote; the name of your brand must be professional but should also include keywords in order to be able to appear on Google and Facebook searches.


Facebook Tip 3: Optimise your Profile

Any reputable business normally has a logo, a mission and a vision. If you don’t have one yet, think about it and review it with other people; they will highlight any possible flaws. If your company has an established brand already, then optimise your profile by adding your logo as your main picture and fill all the details associated to your brand: you need to produce information that people would like to read and photographs that catch the attention; but remember, this must be professional; do not use it as your personal account.


Facebook Tip 4: Publicity

Promotion is an important element to succeed; you need to create interesting campaigns so people can find it and “like it”; you want as many Facebook fans as possible; people won’t join you if it is not brilliant and give them what they want. Original ways to give some extra publicity is by competitions, special offers and give away. Once you have an established group of fans you need to share with your community and offer useful and interesting information; it will keep them coming back to check your content and start associating with you and your brand; you should avoid creating Spammy Facebook Applications; spam is an increasing problem and Facebook should not be used to create more.


Facebook Tip 5: Link all your Platforms

Your website, twitter account and any other platform you use to promote your business should be integrated efficiently in order to avoid repetitive content and to allow the correct flow of future customers from your Facebook account into your money making website. Establish the use of your Facebook Fan account: will you use it for events? Online sell? Feedback? Or is it just promotion? Use Facebook wisely to avoid any possible complication. This powerful tool offers unlimited possibilities and it is up to you to take advantage of all the possibilities.