This trafficking is quite great in Indonesia.  Although girls may think it is great to receive the attention on Facebook, sometimes they are just unaware of the dangers that lie lurking behind some of the people that they talk with on Facebook.   Apparently an Indonesian a 14-year-old girl met with a 24-year-old after talking with him on Facebook which resulted in her being locked in a room with several other girls ranging from 14 to 17  years old, drugged and raped repeatedly.  Margie Mason  of Associated Press further adds that 27 out of 129 reported missing from the Indonesian National Commission for Child protection  are believe that their abductions occurred after meeting with their captors on Facebook. 

This not only occurs in Indonesia, this occurs in other countries as well, including the United States. 

Charges in December were given to Five metro Detroiters in Detroit.  According to Tresa Baldas of, "Detroit Pink" was the name of the trafficking operation.   She further adds that 1/8 of women and children in America are still held against their will in 2012.  I feel this is a very scary thought that this is still occurring.

United States citizens made up 391 cases (46%), and 306 cases (just under 36%) involved foreign nationals reported to the hotline according to the  This hotline is available for more information at 1-888-373-7888.

Ways to stop human trafficking include educating and telling others, using your talent such as blogging or painting, and helping victims escape by leaving rescue hotline numbers in public places around your city.  Pamela Rice Chestnut talks about this at   I am writing about trafficking today  to tell   and educate others about trafficking that still exists in 2012.   Think about what you can do to help this effort.

 2. talks about ways to spot human trafficking.  Demonstrating the inability to attend school on a regular basis, chronically runs away from home, shows sudden change in attire  or behavior, or has a boyfriend who is noticeably older (10 years plus) are just a few of the signs that they talked about.  These are not all signs of human trafficking, but they are some things to consider.[5748][5749][5751][5752][5753]