Hidden Chronicles is a Facebook puzzle solving game by developer Zynga. In the game players solve puzzles by finding hidden objects found in various scenes. This game is very similar to gardens of Time another Facebook hidden object you can play on the social networking site.  The first few hidden object scenes are not very difficult and even new players will figure these out in not time. You’ll receive coins and experience as you play through the scenes as well as bonuses for finding all the objects in the scenes quickly.

The Mansion

In addition to the scenes in the game you’ll uncover you have a mansion you can decorate with various game items. You can add various structures such as statues, light posts, a wishing well, sheds, cars and other nice items for your mansion. You’ll spend the coins you make uncovering scenes in the game to get items in the game store for your mansion. The game store also features various walls you can put around your mansion if you like as well as trees, shrubs, plants and other foliage. There are some nice topiary plants in the game as well as hedge options for a nice decorative look to your new mansion. You’ll earn trophies, collect clues, and use coins to expand the area around your mansion for extra room for your new game items. Visit friends while you are working on your mansion and play fast find a challenging game where you try and find the most items in 60 seconds.

The Mansion

Many of the game structures require parts that you can obtain from Facebook friends. You’ll end up needing quite a few friends playing the game which is standard for Zynga games such as the recent CastleVille game. If you don’t have a lot of friends playing you can buy these items with game cash but this can get expensive. You start with a few free cash so building your first structure or two will be easy.


The game currently features dozens of different scenes you can try and more will unlock as you play the game. You’ll start with the orient express and Paris Bistro. As you play you can unlick more scenes with estate points by purchasing more items for your estate and expanding it. Other scenes are purchased with game cash through payment processors such as PayPal. Some scenes you do will require you to find multiple objects to finish one part of the scene. So for example you might need to find a bunch of weights to level a scale in addition to finding regular items in the game. Some scenes also give you short mini games at the end of the scene that you can play. Be sure to use the magnifying glass during a scene if you can’t find something to move on to the next one.


The game follows a story around the disappearance of your uncle. Along the way you’ll meet new characters and open letters to show more of the story as you progress through the game. To the left of your game you’ll find all the various quests you can complete in the game for rewards and other items. Doing quests is a great way to learn how to play the game. Many quests in the game will require you to complete a scene for example, and play a new mini game.

Hidden Chronicles is Worth Playing

This game is a very recent release so we should see more fun items added to the game soon. The mansion is fun to build up and looks great as you add items to it. The puzzles are challenging enough but quite easy in the early stages of the game. Look for more guides to follow as the game develops on Facebook.