People enjoy chatting online with friends and family; and Facebook is one of the most popular ways people use to communicate online now a days. Normally all you could use in a chat system was your words. However now you can use emoticons. Facebook has tons to choose from. You can easily use an emoticon to let your fellow chatter know that you maybe sad or that you maybe completely bored.

Facebook emoticons chat

Because Facebook offers so many ; people have their favorites. Below you will find a list of the 5 most used emoticons in a Facebook chat session.

Facebook emoticons

Facebook smiley number five – Angel Emoticons

Some people use this cute little emoticon to show that they are sweet as can be and are not lying. Others use it to send blessings to one another. It is also used between friends and lovers. There are many ways to interpret an angel symbol; it all depends on that mood at the time. The angel emoticon is simply an innocence and pleasing smiley to look at.

Facebook Chat Emoticon Number 4 – The devil Symbol

Just like in real life , not everyone is an angel at all times. The devil symbol can be used to show a dark side or that you are thinking silly things. It can also be used to share a joke with someone or even let someone know you really don't like them very much.

Facebook Chat Emoticon Number 3 – Pacman

Based on the 80's video game it's a great old time smiley that can be used at any time. It's simple yellow and easy for anyone to read. You can use it to say you want to play a game with someone or you can use it as your traditional smiley with a twist.

Facebook Smiley Number 2 – The big smile

If you are really happy using one of the simplist smilies is always a good idea. It can be seem from a distant and everyone will know you are in a good mood. Plus it may actually make other smile too.

Facebook emoticon number 1 - the robot

Everyone loves robots. They are unique, fun and strange all in one. The robot emoticon has always been considered the coolest ever because it is so unique. It might be about time you show off it's coolest while you are chatting. It can be used instead of using the dull and boring huh emoticon to miz up your chat session a bit.

So above are the top 5 Facebook emoticons based on public members votes. Enjoy using them.