Many grandmothers now have Facebook accounts. They enjoy being able to follow the activities of both their children and grandchildren. The site has become very popular for many in society, including grandparents. If yours are not on yet, consider showing them the site and helping them sign up.

Facebook used to be the site for active people to socialize and make plans. Lately, there has been a lot of distracting content added to the site. Now many people put slight notes in and then they go on to their favorite sites. The personal and private issues that were displayed in the past are generally rare now. This is due to the widespread use of the site. You just can't put absolutely anything out there now, or at least you shouldn't!

If you are lucky enough to have surviving grandmothers, consider what they might like about Facebook. They will be able to see when you or their other family members are considering a trip. They will be able to get instant news when certain events happen like a birth, engagement or other significant event. They will be able to view posted pictures. If you don't see your grandmother all that often, Facebook can be a great way for you to stay in touch. It is exactly why your friends started using the site all those years ago. Now that you have mainly moved on, teach others why you liked the site and they can start to use it. You'll likely find that you'll boost your own use of the site when your elders are online.

If your grandmother is already using email, then explaining Facebook may be easy. If she doesn't use email, it may be harder but still possible. After all, she likely sent more actual letters than you can even imagine. Email and online posts are not a foreign concept to her, just the instant application of them. Of course, she will have to have a computer or access to one. This can either be an inexpensive laptop or similar device. An Internet connection is helpful too. If cost is an issue, perhaps a visit to the local library will be in order. Many of these facilities, or senior centers, have computers with Internet. Make a trip to one, if necessary, to teach her about Facebook.

Many people are not entirely happy that mothers and grandmothers are now on Facebook. This is unfortunate and a little absurb. Remember when Facebook was important to you? Why was that? You could connect to your friends and associates quickly. You and they could share the information that was necessary to get your goals accomplished. You were outside of normal communication channels. Now Facebook is part of the standard communications that everyone uses. You should expect that everything you post will be seen by your mother, grandmother, father, boss, girlfriend and everyone else. Don't post things that you wouldn't want seen.

Show Facebook to your grandmother. Teach her aobut it. Show her the groups that might interest her. Let her look up friends and family members. Facebook has become much more than it was when you first started using it. It's now for grandmothers.