With the ever-increasing popularity of social media marketing it has become very needful to know how to market with social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and the host of others. Here are the some of the best tips on how to market your products using Facebook.           

#1: Get Facebook 'like' and add it to your website   

If you are really serious about marketing with Facebook then you have to add Facebook to your website. You can do this by copying the Facebook 'like' code from Facebook and then pasting it within your website HTML section.         

   #2: Use Facebook video   

While you can embed a video link from YouTube and get it to show on Facebook I will advice you to also use the Facebook video app to upload and display your video contents. This will enable your friends and fans to see your video and be able to click ‘like’ on them.  It can also help you gain more exposure when someone who is not your friend who likes your video and clicks ‘like’ button. You gain more fans when this happens.                                      

   #3: using your Facebook page to generate leads        

 You can use your Facebook page to capture your leads by adding the Facebook Markup Language app to your fan page. This will enable you to add custom content such as opt-in and squeeze page content to your Facebook page.         

 #4: Turn your page into a fun community                       

Once you are able to deliver rich and interesting stuffs on your page people will keep coming back again and again. So your work is to get people interested in what you have to offer.                

    #5: Offer free tips and advice

When you comment on your friend’s post be sure to make intelligent comments and post so that people who read what you write can take you seriously. Send free handouts and e-books to people who ask for it.

 #6: Create more fan pages and connect them to each other                                       

What you need to do is to create as many groups and fan pages as you like. Create them to be of the same topic of interest and then invite all the people you have on your list to interact and discuss on the fan pages. Let them share their views and talk about what they like or don't like about the topic of discussion. From time to time send messages to your fans with your affiliate links included in it.