Some people wonder about how to use Facebook to their advantage, especially business who have heard that Facebook quotes can make you rich. What is a Facebook quote? How can it help your business and get you free marketing for your website or product? How can you improve?

Facebook quotes

What are Facebook quotes?

Facebook has, for some time, offered its users the opportunity to post comments and status updates on their page, and have those messages 'pushed' to their friends. This system is co-ordinated on the 'home page' of a user's Facebook account, and is present as soon as they log in. This is an important note, because it shows how important it is to have your message sitting there waiting for them when they log in. These Facebook quotes, sayings or phrases that people add to their status are used in general to communicate little messages to each other, such as what they are doing at the time. These statuses used to be in the format User is XXXX where XXXX was the message, but now the format is much freer and users can write whatever they like without having to write in the third person.

How can a Facebook quote help my business?

Most people don't think about the importance of their status message on Facebook, but it can be the difference between cyber success and failure. If your company or product has a lot of 'fans' or friends on Facebook, then that is half the battle – but how do you get your message out to them? If you supply only boring updates through your status facility, people will skim read them and then switch off. That's not good for your product, and it's not good corporate marketing.

How can you improve your Facebook quotes?

The answer to this question is easy – through humor. People are much more likely to click 'like' or leave a comment if the message that they're reading is funny in some way, or makes them think (above and beyond 'what should I have for lunch'). If more people leave comments and likes, Facebook counts these as 'votes' in its internal rankings of who gets to see more messages. The more people, the more customers, and so on.

I hope I've been clear enough in this article – you must avoid repetitive, boring Facebook quotes and still to amusing, witty or funny anecdotes. You will see your online respect and presence grow almost instantly!