Suffering from the facial scarring of severe cases of acne can be as much of a challenge as finding a facial acne scar treatment. If you have ever had severe acne as a longstanding skin problem then chances are that you know the struggle it can be to find effective home treatments to remove facial acne scarring.

Don't give up hope though. While not one treatment will work for everyone, you have several options for removing acne scars on the face, neck chest and back. You will stand a better chance of success with removing mild to moderate scarring without pitting by using a home scar removal treatment. There are also several options for more severe cases offering good results and available through your dermatologist.

For milder to moderate cases of acne scarring you may well be wondering, how to clear up acne scars either naturally or with home treatments.

Natural Acne Scar Removal

Natural acne scar removal centers around home remedies and the use of a variety of items known to be beneficial in the removal of acne scarring on the face, neck, chest, back, shoulders and arms.

The most widely used ingredients in natural acne scar removal products or home remedy recipes are aloe vera, cucumber, and Indian gooseberry which also tend to be the mildest on the skin. The aloe vera plant helps to lessen the dark color of newly formed scarring while the cucumber is a key player in keeping the newly healed skin protected during the healing process. Indian gooseberry is also beneficial in keeping acne scars from appearing just following a breakout or acne. These are the most widely used of all ingredients and tend to get the best acne scar removal results either in a commercially prepared natural acne scar removal product, or made at home scar removal recipe. Similarly, there are also some fruits commonly used for treating ace scars. In general, fruits with mild acids like citrus can help the skin to dry slightly and the surface layer to slough off more quickly revealing healthier skin below.

For tougher, raised or older acne scars, you may try ice on newly formed scarred facial skin. Ice is helpful in minimzing the appearance of the new scarring and also helps to make the swelling and discoloration of new scarring less apparent to the naked eye. Similarly some get good benefits from products containing tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is helpful not only in reducing the appearance and swelling of newly forming acne scars, but also has an antimicrobial property which will lessen the chances of another breakout while skin is still healing.

Over the Counter Acne Scar Removal Treatments

There are also a number of commercially prepared acne scar lotion removal products that are readily available through your local drugstore. Products like Mederma are useful in keeping scars from appearing on healing skin shortly after a breakout of acne. While not everyone gets results from these treatments, some do see a pronounced difference over allowing the skin to heal naturally and untreated.

Fast Removal of Pitted Acne Scars

Pitted acne scarring is another major concern of acne suffers and more difficult to remove than milder forms of acne scarring. To get the best results, you will need to be acne free before treatment for pitted acne scarring may begin.

Dermabrasion is one option, but must be performed by a dermatologist. Dermabrasion is usually most effective for the treatment acne pitting on either very light or very dark skin. People with olive skin tones tend to not get the full effect of the procedure. While dermabrasion is the most expensive acne treatment, other than laser skin resurfacing, it tends to get both the fastest and best results for severe pitted acne scarring if your skin is the right tone.

Less invasive and costly is microdermabrasion therapy. Microdermabrasion is also provided by a trained professional and usually performed either in the office of a dermatologist or as a spa treatment. Be aware though, that microdermabrasion kits are now available both online and in many retail locations. The cost is considerably lower than office visits for treatment, running around $100 to $200 per machine.

Another option for microdermabrasion in the home is a chemical peel preparation. Rather than the physical sloughing of skin with a microdermabrasion machine, home chemical microdermabrasion peels use a slightly acetic gel and a hand held abrasive pad. In home peels are less expensive than purchasing a microdermabrasion machine for in home use, ranging from $40 to $90 for the treatment kit with several applications. The most popular kits contain a Vitamin C or ascorbic acid based gel which mildly encourages the surface of the skin to slough off, allowing the newer, younger and unscarred skin to appear.

How to Do a Vitamin C Home Microdermabrasion Peel

Home microdermabrasion peels are easy to do with just a few simple steps. Each product has its own instructions, so read them carefully before beginning, although most follow these basic steps:

1. Wash and try your face thoroughly before beginning.

2. Apply the microdermabreasion peel product to skin, avoiding the eyes.

3. Use the buffing pad to buff away older skin and acne scarring on the surface of the skin in a circular motion for 30 seconds to 1 minute depending on the depth of the scarring.

4. Apply the activator gel if the kit contains one.

5. Leave the product on the skin for the recommended amount of time and then rinse with cool water, being careful to avoid the eyes.

6. Pat face dry with a clean towel, do not rub.

It is worthwhile to note that chemical microdermabrasion is also helpful for anyone wishing a more youthful appearance with or without acne scarring. Skin will appear more glowing, newer, firmer and more youthful after being treated.

If you need to rid yourself of acne scarring the first thing to do is to select the right acne scar treatment for your needs. You can start as simply as with home remedies or the commercially prepared natural acne scar removal treatments found in most natural health food stores. These are safe, relatively effective treatments for the removal of mild to moderate acne scarring. Over the counter acne scar removal products are another inexpensive option. If your scarring is more severe or of the pitted variety, you may want to investigate and try home mircodermabrasion chemical peels or home mircodermabrasion machines to attempt to alleviate the problem. For more severe acne scarring, consult your dermatologist for their recommendations and professional advice.