If you have freckled skin it is best to use a concealer first then apply sheer foundation, your aim should be to let the freckles show through otherwise it is going to look unnatural. Lots of people think freckles are attractive so why hide them away by wearing the wrong type and color of foundation.

If your skin is more mature, the best foundation for you is going to be matt foundation. This is because it will help to control shine and cover any skin imperfections that you have. Without making you look like you have over done it and applied too much make up. Another good facial foundation tip is, if you are finding that your foundation is too dark or too cakey, don't just try to fix it by applying more and then rubbing it in. You need to remove it with a clean tissue in a sweeping motion outwards from your jawline to your hairline.

During the hot summer months, your skin shade is going to darken a few shades if you like to go out and sun bathe. It is recommended that you don't, but there's no doubting that a suntan can make you face glow. If your skin color shade has changed slightly, then its time to invest in a new foundation that is going to match your new summer darker skin tone. It will probably be a good idea to stick to the same brands as well, because the formula and texture of the foundation is still the same but just a different shade.

If you have oily or combination skin wet dry foundation is a good choice for you. This is because you can use this type of foundation in several different ways. You can sponge it on dry for a more natural look, you can sponge it on damp for a bit more coverage and to build up the area in to thin layers. Or you can apply it dry as a powder during the day.

When buying your foundation it is always a good idea to try several different brands and shades before you buy, most beauty counters will have plenty of tester foundations that you can apply to your face before you buy. Some beauty counters even have custom blended foundations, which they blend especially to match your skin tone and color.