Many women want to permanently remove facial hair. This idea has always had a lot of appeal. Even in ancient times women would do practices that are still commonplace today-well mostly. In ancient times some women used tree sap or hot honey to remove unwanted facial hair hair from the jaw upper lip, eyebrows, chin, and jawline. Never at any point in history has facial hair on women been considered attractive. All over the world women want to have smooth hairless skin. Hormones play a big role in this. The same hormones that cause facial hair in men cause it in women. Women are forced to constantly fight mother nature in the pursuit of that beautiful, smooth hairless skin. Luckily we now have methods that can be acquired cheaply, ordered online, and used at home.

The most common practice for permanently removing facial hair has been electrolysis. This is a process of applying an electric current with a very fine electrode in the shape of a small needle to each and every hair follicle to destroy the root. Hair grows in 3 different stages. Hair can either be actively growing, shedding, or resting. Because of these different stages, multiple sessions of electrolysis are required. This can take anywhere from a whopping 15-30 appointments. This will take a considerable amount of time the average busy woman in today's fast paced world doesn't have to give. Asside from this there is the cost of all of those appointments, while the price of one may sound reasonable, wait till you have to pay for 30 of them! Previous waxing jobs can also make this significantly more difficult. Waxing has a tendency to cause hair follicles to bend after being removed. Electrolysis women's facial hair removal can also cause permanent burn marks. These will appear as small, but noticeable, pinpoint scars. This can also lead to skin discoloration. But hey, at least you won't have any facial hair! The last drawback is the pain. I am told it feels like childbirth on your face, ok maybe thats a bit of an over exaggeration, but it definitely isn't painless. Electrolysis is a barbaric method of removing facial hair and as it is quickly aging as a method it is beginning to be look at that way. If you have the money for serious hair removal try laser hair remover.

Another common practice for female facial hair removal is shaving. Many people wonder about this but never try it. You should keep it this way. If anything is worse than a small amount of facial hair, its stubble. Men may be able to get away with a little bit of stubble, but if your goal is feminine smooth skin then you should find another option. Another similar home remedy is bleaching the hair so it is less noticeable. There are facial hair removal creams that can do this, but if your goal is smooth hairless skin then you should try a different method. This method can also only be used on the upper lip and chin, if you get it anywhere near your eyes you have the potential to go blind(but you won't have facial hair!). This method can also cause swelling, redness, and sensitivity. According to how fast your hair grows you may also end up having to do this at least once a week and possible more often.

Plucking is another common method women use to remove facial hair. This also has many drawbacks. The biggest drawback is that it is a constant upkeep. Even with the bleach you only have to do it once a week. With plucking you will have to do this daily. Some women even do it multiple times a day because they seem to find another hair every single time they look. The upside is that you can do it at home and and if you are fairly good at it you can do it pretty quickly. However you need to get a quality pair of tweezers. The best kind would be a slant tipped pair of tweezers that are balanced and from a reputable brand. I'm sure you can find the kind of tweezers required if you look around a little online. The cheap ones you find at the checkout line at Walmart just aren't going to cut it if you are going to be using them everyday. A nice pair of tweezers is also indispensable around the house. Random uses for them pop up constantly. The most common seems to be removing splinters. If you have a adventurous young boy or a woodworking husband this will come in handy all the time.

Another new trendy method is something called threading. I was told about this and had never heard of it before. With a quick search I discovered that like all the other methods it isn't comparable to laser facial hair removal. This requires a trip to a beautician because this device requires special training. I am having trouble picture what this thing even looks like. Apparently it is a 'thread' that rolls across the skin and grabs onto and plucks out hairs. I imagine this is fairly expensive and of course requires a special trip.

Waxing is still a common practice and I suppose for good reason. It works, there is no doubt in that. It won't remove the hair permanently and is relatively inexpensive. You can do it yourself at home with kits but it takes patients and practice. If you aren't careful you could very easily burn yourself. The most modern and most effective method for removing female facial hair is laser hair removal. Kits for this can be found online cheap with a little searching. It has very few side effects one of them being a small amount of pain. I'm sure that if you are using to waxing you will have no trouble at all.

To sum it up, laser hair removal is simply the best method for women dealing with female facial hair. I encourage you to look around a little online if you are interested.