There is something no women likes to talk about: facial hair. It is a problem for a lot of women that grows on upper lips, cheecks and chins. In this article i am going to inform you about all options for facial hair removal for women. Next to the removal options i am also going to write about the costs and the pain per option. I have ordered the face hair removal options on the cost so the first you see is the cheapest one and the last you read the most expensive.

The cheapest method to remove facial hair is actually a method that does not remove the hair at all. With bleaching you make the hairs less noticable by lightening them. The results can last from two to six weeks and can be done at the comfort of your own home. Cost: $4 - $10. Pain: none.

You only need a tweezer and some practice for this hair removal method. When you first do this it can take over five minutes depending on how hairy you are but after some practice you should be able to do it within a couple of minutes. Cost: $3 - $25. Pain: first tweezing hurts the most, but you can get used to it.

Not the ideal product for women with a sensitive skin because it can cause some irritation. It is a cream that eats away at the hair's shaft. Simply wipe away the cream after a coupe of minutes and you are done. Cost: $6 - $ 15. Pain: little bit.

Very popular face hair removal method because of it's long lasting results and relative low cost. This method removes the hair by it's roots through applying a hot wax on a piece of cloth. When the wax is cold the cloth is ripped of the area and the hair comes with it. Cost: $10 - $30. Pain: you must have a high pain factor for this one.

Using Spring Bar.
Spring bars are available on the internet and in beauty shops in your area. The spring bar works as a tweezer but better and faster. Cost: $12 - $35. Pain: same as tweezing.

An ancient method to remove facial hair is threading, they use a cotton thread to pull your facial hair out with a twisting motion. This chemical free method is fast and efficient. Cost: $12 - $50. Pain: almost none.

This expensive method delivers some great results. With a fine needled shaped electrode an electric current is applied to each hair follicle. Cost: $45 - $60 per 30 min. session. Pain: little bit of annoying pain through the stinging and pricking.

Laser Hair Removal.
Also a device with outstanding results. The hair follicles get impaired through the pulsed light from the laser. The hairs fall out with two weeks and stay away! Cost: average total between $200 - $900, depends on how much treatments you need. Pain: none to little.

The best thing to do is to discover yourself which method is best for you, it also depends on how much money you want to spent on facial hair removal.