In this day and age women are expected to have smooth, hairless beautiful skin. Unfortunately most women have a small amount of facial hair. This is the result of hormones, the same ones that cause facial hair growth in men. Even in ancient times women tried to fight mother nature by removing their body hair. There is evidence that some ancient cultures would use heated bees wax or heated sap as a facial hair remover. Of course you can probably recognize that this is not very unlike a practice we still have today. In the last 10 years however there have been many facial heir remover products have been created to deal with this in a much gentler, and sometimes a much more permanent, way. With a little searching around online you can discover some of these methods for facial hair removal.

Women will begin to grow large excess amounts of facial hair when there is a abnormal amount of the hormone dihydrotestosterone in the system. This hormone is similar to testosterone which most people think of as a very masculine hormone. However it is normal for women to have small amounts of testosterone in their bodies. This is responsible for thick beautiful hair and eyelash growth. Testosterone is required for the body to function normally.

Hirsutism is a condition that approximately ten percent of women suffer from. This is a condition that causes excess facial hair in women. The cause of this condition may be genetic but there are other things that can cause it. Eating disorders can also cause women to begin to grow excess female facial hair. Anorexia nervosa is one of the eating disorders that can cause excess body hair on women. This disorder is characterized by extreme under-eating, weight-loss, or low body weight. It is considered a psychiatric illness, and is also associated with problems with dealing with their own body image, patients usually feel they are overweight even when heavily emaciated, an obsession with not gaining weight, and voluntary starvation. It is believed that women with anorexia nervosa will begin to grow excess body hair as a compensation mechanism for the lack of body fat brought on by the starvation.

Older women who suddenly have a sudden growth of facial hair should consider going to see a doctor because it could be the result of a hormone problem. A hormone problem of this nature could be caused by various forms of cancer. These forms of cancer include ovarian, endometrial, or adrenal cancer.

While female facial hair can be caused by a variety of problems it is usually normal. There are many products on the market to help women remove unwanted facial hair. These include laser hair removal, female facial hair removers, tweezing, shaving, and many other choices.