When you decide on a facial treatment from your friendly spa you will need to make a choice as there are several different types of facial treatment for various skin types you can get with several different results. The explanations follow:

Facial Treatment 1: Glycolic

This is a chemical peel that is considered to be very mild and usually the first choice when choosing a facial treatment. It works on all skin types. If you are planning to have several treatments performed this would be the first to be done.

Glycolic acid is used because it will peel off dead skin layers from the skin’s surface. The results you will see are that any wrinkles or fine lines will be smoothed and it helps remove age spots. The face will feel rejuvenated and glowing. It’s considered a treatment for acne also. A treatment cost is approximately two hundred plus or minus.

Facial Treatment 2: Collagen

A popular treatment where collagen is massaged into your face which results in a rejuvenated face that looks smoother. Before the collagen is applied the specialist will clean the face then exfoliate before applying the cream. The purpose for the steps is to make sure the collagen penetrates completely. The cost is approximately $100.00.

Facial Treatment 3: Oxygen

A non invasive treatment which uses a hyaluronic serum infusion in a machine which then blasts oxygen over the face. Madonna’s website made this a popular facial treatment choice. The oxygen creates instant toning and firming of the facial muscles. The face is hydrated and looks plumper. Fairly painless and costs more than others so makes a good special event pamper treatment. Costs from $100+ up to five hundred per treatment.

Facial Treatment 4: Microcurrent

Another non invasive treatment using a machine that sculpts the face as it lifts and tones during the procedure. The microcurrent actually seems to massage the face muscles causing a radiant and toned look. There are no red skin endings and it is a very popular choice for a facial toning treatment. Costs about one hundred dollars.

Facial Treatment 5: European

A fairly inexpensive basic spa facial coming in at about $75.00. The face is cleaned, exfoliated, whiteheads and blackheads removed and then the face undergoes a massage. The origin of the name is not known.

Facial Treatment 6: Microdermabrasion

This is a machine treatment using suction. This suction may use vitamin crystals, aluminum oxide crystals, sodium chloride or baking soda all of which are some form of mild abrasive. It may use other forms of a mild abrasive also depending on the spa. Whichever mild abrasive is uses will be blasted over the face and it removes the top portion of your facial skin. One purpose of this treatment is to encourage the production of collagen. This form of facial treatment will rejuvenate the face. It will also smooth out any fine lines, reduce any darker skin spots and erase scars left from acne. This treatment costs about one to two hundred dollars a treatment.