Facial Gymnastics

As the first fight wrinkles?

Habit of wrinkled his forehead, to laugh with all facial muscles, bad habit to droop during reading, not to wear sunglasses are the main causes of wrinkles first appearance. Is important to remember that any emotion, either positive or negative, has a direct impact on how we look and even the youngest skin does not look good because, surplus' emotions.

Solving we find in the gym to face, done correctly and with a well established frequency.

Before beginning gymnastics for facial muscles, it is important to keep in mind several important rules:

1. Before removing make gymnastics is mandatory and nourish skin. Massage lines are shown in the picture below. Applying moisturizers is necessary considering that the skin is stretched during gymnastics, so it is very important that it be stretched.

2. After the gym is better to perform a gentle massage with light movements, circular massage with the guidelines. The massage will end with pinching and pat with your fingertips.

3. To refresh the oval face, with a small towel performs a gentle massage. This requires that you inmoi middle towel in a solution obtained from sea salt (1-2 teaspoons salt 1 cup water) or strong infusion of tea. They say those natural ingredients strengthen skin elasticity and prevent its loss. Towel to grab the edge with both hands and jerk is performed vigorous pat chin.

4. If not suffer Couperose is very well, removed 'from the ice, with ice only condition that the application forms have not hurt your skin. You can also try to put ice cubes in a bowl with water and if possible to keep the girl in this water for a few seconds.

Now you know the basic rules for making correct and effective as gymnastics, to get to their gym itself. For greater efficiency and reliability to track facial fitness exercises to perform during the minutes of gymnastics recommend you sit in front of the mirror.

Eye gymnastics

1. Look right, left, down and up, all without turning his head in these directions. As eye movements made circular movements from left to right, then right to left.

These exercises can be accomplished with eyes closed or open.
2. You looks towards the nose, until the first signs of fatigue.
3. Open wide your eyes and look up (without moving the head) count of 10, then come back to the starting position. Keep eyes closed for a few seconds.
4. For the 4-5 second concerns the nose.
5. Close your eyes, then opened them wide and looks away (5 seconds). Close your eyes and relax again for 5 seconds.
6. For several seconds his eyes lightly with fingertips.

Lip Gymnastics

1. Keep lips stretched into a smile, fake '. Inhale through your teeth, blow just one tooth, lip, tube '.
2. Inhale through the left corner of the mouth and out through the right and vice versa.
3. Teeth are held firmly to inhale and then expire umfland cheeks.
4. Keep lips in the mouth while pressing their teeth (a few seconds). Relax.

Exercises for neck muscles

1. Head up as high as possible so that the skin under the chin to be tight. Open and close the mouth as hard as you can, without too much effort but submit.

2. Without raising the shoulder, tip my head right then left much as you can.

3. Let's head to fall freely over the chest and then head back left (seconds).
4. Circular movements with your head spin after changing direction every 10 seconds.
5. Put your hands up as possible, you head straight. Hold for several seconds.

All exercises are performed standing in the right position, breathing calmly.