Everyone has their share of anxiety in their lifetime. Some have it more in control than others. There are many however who are overcome with anxiety. They face each and every waking moment with dread and the expectance of tragedy. They feel at the mercy of life.

A little bit of anxiety is actually healthy. Anxiety actually cautions one to act carefully so you won't cause any trouble for yourselves and others. When anxiety gets out of control, then it becomes an issue that needs to be addressed. A lot of people resort to medication to fight anxiety. While medicine is okay in and of itself. It unfortunately tends to mask the problem more than solve it. In most cases, the way to conquer anxiety is to face it.

One powerful way to handle anxiety is to keep life in perspective and understand that whatever happens to you, you will most likely recover from it later. Or better yet, you can understand that in the end, your anxiety may not matter.

A lot of the times what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. If you go on and face your fear, whatever it may be, you will find yourself stronger on the other side and even better, you'll realise that whatever your phobia was wasn't as bad as you thought.

On the other hand, if you continue running from your phobia, you will find yourself at some point living in regret. You would find yourself wishing away your life. Also, you might wind up missing opportunities due to living in dread.

A lot of our phobias is caused by us. We told ourselves subconsciously to be afraid of something. We told ourselves that we don't want to face whatever it is we didn't want to face. A lot of times, we create our own fears. To face your anxiety, you would have to face yourself.

There are ways to help you combat your constant state of being anxious. You can use affirmations, fitness, activities, meditation, yoga, martial arts, spirituality, there are a lot of tools that will guide and help you in overcoming anxiety.

Anxiety is a heavy condition to suffer from, and it does seem hard to face and conquer it. But the hardest part is merely starting. Once you get started, you will find your self having a smooth ride towards conquering your anxiety