Factoidz is one of the many internet writing sites that promises to share adsense profits with their writers. When signing up for Factoidz, you are asked to fill out your information and a writing sample. The staff reviews your writing and accepts or denies your application. Simple process. The staff seems genuinely nice and welcoming. After receiving your approval email, you will have access to the site and be able to write your "Factoidz".

I chose to apply to Factoidz because like the old saying goes it is never a good idea to have all of your eggs in one basket. I was hoping my experience would be as good as my Infobarrel experience has been, but like I said, I do not want all of my eggs in one basket.

The Good

I sat down at my computer, signed into Factoidz, made up my penname and began my keyword research for some new articles. I wrote an article rather quickly, added my pictures and submitted my article. The  next day, I was pleasantly surprised to see a few pennies worth of earnings. So I decided this site could definitely be worth my time. Back to my computer, a little more keyword research, wrote an article, added pictures and submitted. The next day, guess -- yes that is right more earnings! I was extremely happy that within a couple of days, make that hours my articles were being found and read. Right then I decided I found another good rev share site. Back to the old computer, same drill, wrote another articles, picture the whole nine, submitted. Signed in the next day, BINGO! a few more pennies.

The Bad

The next day I went back to the computer to add a few more articles that I had written off line and instead of my user name in the upper corner of the screen I saw "Welcome XX". Well, that is a problem because my user name was "Doug", not "XX". Hmmm....maybe just a glitch? I exited the site. I tried to sign back in later that day and the next day, nope "XX". I sent off an email to admin, which I have to say are nothing like the helpful, attentive Admin here at Infobarrel. I received a reply two or three days later stating that "XX" was my user name. I immediately sent an email back saying, no, actually it is not. Over the course of several weeks and numerous emails, I have gotten no satisfaction or real answers why I can no longer access articles, might I also add, articles that began earning almost immediately. My last email went out to them a few days ago requesting they either allow me access to my articles or they delete my articles. Do you hear the crickets? Yeah.. no response.

The Ugly

So now may articles are generating money for Factoidz and only Factoidz, not me. I would not recommend Factoidz as a viable method of earning money from writing. Keep your eggs out of the Factoidz basket.

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