Facial hair removal, most common to women, is a practice that has been around for a long time. The practice has taken a unique turn in the recent decades by acquiring new patrons; men who have embraced it as a way to accentuate their aesthetic appeal. From the leaps and bounds taken by technology, laser hair removal is one the methods of choice preferred in our time. Surprisingly, knowledge about laser hair removal cost is a grey area for many.

Factors determining laser hair removal cost

If a cursory survey were to be made of the cost of hair removal using laser technology, most of the figures would lie between $100 and $500. However, little is understood about how these prices come to be fixed, and why they vary from one practice to another. Quite contrary to the popular belief that these costs are made on a whim, prices are determined by the following parameters:

Surface area of the body under treatment:

The size of the area to be treated directly determines laser hair removal cost. Usually, small areas like under the armpits, bikini area, face and neck are relatively cheap at a normal cost lower than $500. Large stretches of skin characteristic to the back area, legs and chest are relatively expensive and range between $500 and $900.

Type of laser used:

The type of laser technology used affects the cost of removing hair. This usually occurs in the form of exorbitant capital costs for purchasing machinery which is in turn channeled to the final customer. These high capital costs stem from the simple principle of royalties in which every purchase has to pay an amount of money to the owner of the patent.

Number of sessions:

The extent at which hair is permanently removed is determined by the number of laser treatments taken. The cost of the treatment is affected by the number of sessions given. Some medical practices have ingeniously come up with lucrative discounted packages that encourage customers to book multiple sessions.

Level of specialization of different medical practices:

Practices that have specialized in this particular type of plastic surgery are able to offer the treatment at a relatively cheaper rate when compared to their counterparts owing to the advantages of economies of the scale.

Cost comparison with other methods

The instantaneous laser hair removal cost is relatively higher when compared to other methods such as waxing and use of creams. However, the ultimate cost of laser treatment over time is lowest due to its permanent aspect.