As people grow older their chances of contracting heart disease increases. Are you one of the high risk group?

Coronary heart disease are one of the primary causes health-related death today. This health issue is caused by many factors, such as a blocked blood vessel, the weakening of the muscles in the heart as well as the weight and health of a person. Having a healthy lifestyle can help decrease the chances of heart diseases.

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Factors that determine the risk of heart disease:

  • Fatty Foods
  • Increasing Blood Pressure
  • Stress and Tension
  • Lack of Healthy Foods
  • Diabetes
  • Smoking
  • Lack of Exercise


Unhealthy Foods

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This one's rather obvious, as fatty and oily foods definitely are not healthy if they are not properly consumed. Fatty meats and full-fat dairy products such as butter and cream are high in saturated fats which raise blood cholesterol levels. However, do note that not all fats are bad.

Fats are generally divided into two classes, saturated and unsaturated fats. Saturated fats is the 'bad' ones. They tend to solidify when exposed to cold or room temperatures. If you've ever made a chicken soup, for example, the saturated fat is the one that turns white and hardens at the top of the soup if you've left it out in the open.

Unsaturated fats, meanwhile, is the 'good' one. They are available in sea products like salmon or pomfrets. The primary fatty acids from fish is called Omega-3, also available inside egges, though at a much lower content. It is this type of fat, the unsaturated ones, that are healthy because the come from good sources of natural food.

Achieve a healthy balance by reducing saturated fats and increasing unsaturated ones, as fats are still important in a human's daily nutrient intake.

Increasing Blood Pressure

Widely known as the 'silent killer' due to the difficulties of detecting symptoms, high blood pressure are caused primarily by two factors, ageing where the muscles controlling the width of the blood vessel lose their strength, meaning more constricted blood flow over time. Another reason is caused by a high fat intakes. Cholesterols resulting from such intakes can slowly build up along blood vessels and can block them if steps are not taken to properly manage it.

There is little doubt that good nutrient intakes and healthy childhood growth helps to prevent high blood pressure, otherwise known as hypertension. Even during middle age where the ageing process tend to increase blood pressure, having an unhealthy diet is still bad as blood pressure are sensitve to fluctuations caused by such diets.

Regular exercises should help, however, do note those who already shows signs of high blood pressure indicated by repeated medical checkups should not perform rigorous fitness routine as it increases their risk of having heart attacks.

Slow exercises, relaxing and reducing stress levels can be highly effective in managing hypertension.

Stress and Tension

Pressures caused by unnatural sources, especially due to living in a modern society can be highly damaging to the heart. Stresses not only increases risks of having hypertension, they also put unnecessary tension on the heart. Whenever one is stressed, the heart tends to work harder, yet at the same time one is hardly in an active state such as jogging. 

Futhermore, some modern habits of watching TV or staying in the house all day is not healthy especially if such periods of inactivity involves junk foods and improper diet management.

Reduce the risk by having a smart plan to manage stress. There are many ways to do so, and even then, staying in a stressed environment would not do much good no matter how smart are the steps taken to control it. Leave your career for a less stressful one if you are not comfortable with the tension level.

Lack of Healthy Foods

Yes, this have been pointed out in countless health journal and fitness article. And that is because it really works. Many processed food nowadays are unhealthy. Such foods are definitely tasty, but they are filled with oils and fats. Fats definitely make food tasty as they give it a smooth creamy texture as well as having compounds that produce flavour and smell.

However that is the only redeeming quality of modern foods. They are made to be tasty because tasty foods are best sellers and ensure commercial success for companies involved - even if they are really bad for physical health.

Healthy foods need not be bland and tasteless. For example, try adding a slice of plum into a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It can create a healthy yet tasty treat. Try mixing veggies and fruits with snacks to make a good and nutritious combo.


Contrary to popular belief, diabetes does not affect only overweight people. Diabetes is actually caused by an uncontrollable amount of glucose in the blood. Glucose is a form of sugar carried by the bloodstream to supply energy to cells inside the body. Eating foods with high carbohydrate content such as those with sugar, or starchy foods like white bread has the unhealthy potential to increase the amount of glucose inside the body.

An organ called the pancreas produces hormones called insulin - these are the ones that regulate the amount of glucose inside the blood. Diabetes is a disease resulting from a decreased insulin production caused by a damaged pancreas. This is why even people with normal weight can contract diabetes.

Common symptoms and indicators of diabetes is excessive thirst even without performing exercise, constant need to urinate to get rid of glucose, problems with eyesight and if left untreated, diabetes can also result in a coma, where there is a critical lack of glucose inside the blood stream.


So there is one more reason to stop smoking and consuming alcohol - it is a major contributor to heart diseases. Cigarette smokers face a greatly increased risk of heart disease as well as countless other problems. Furthermore, a smokers' life is plagued with discomforts, such as indigestion. the painful sensation felt in the abdominal area. So the best advice is to really stop smoking completely. This is easier said than done, though, so a slight diet change may help with the craving. The main sources of addiction inside cigarette is the chemical nicotine. Normally, nicotine is expelled from the kidney, but there are ways to increase the rate at which nicotine is expelled.

For a couple of days, try to increase the amount of alkaline into your diet. Reduce all sources of protein, such as eggs, cereals and all kinds of meat because protein is acidic. In return, increase consumption of milk and other dairy products such as cheese. Other sources of food containing alkaline such fruits and vegetables also help as they contain magnesium and potassiumk, which are alkalic in nature.

And yes, try to stop smoking while practicing this diet, or replace the craving using nicotine patches, which are definitely less harmful.

Lack of Exercise

Alright, in today's society, especially those living in a bustling city, exercise may not be easy to perform, especially on the outdoors, as the air are filled with many dangerous smokes and particles expelled by vehicle engines.

Nevertheless, fitness is an important part of daily life. Clicking this link will lead to an article about ways to keep fit without any rigorous exercises and gym fees.


Are you one of the high risk groups? What have you done to prevent heart disease? Tell it so everyone who is struggling from heart disease knows your efforts.