Cranes are machines that are very important in construction sites. They help in lifting heavy materials and tools in building constructions. With the help of these machines, all the work in construction sites is reduced greatly. However, the same machines that help construction workers can also cause them severe injury, or even death.

Statistics show that crane accidents are the leading cause of injury in construction sites. Because of this, construction administrators and workers should work together to prevent these kinds of incidents. But first, they should know what causes these accidents. Below are some factors that cause crane accidents:

  • Bad weather and natural disasters – Cranes become dangerous during bad weather, and some even get damaged because of strong winds. Earthquakes can also pose risks especially if the crane is already carrying a load.
  • Operator fault – Operators who do not have enough skills in crane operations may get involved in accidents. Employers should make sure all their operators are trained well and able to handle emergency situations.
  • Mechanical failure – Mechanical failure often happens when certain parts of the crane do not function well. To avoid any accident, the construction administration should conduct repairs right away.
  • Electrical failure – Electricity can be both helpful and deadly for construction workers. Technical operators should ensure that all electrical wires are placed properly to avoid any problems.
  • Poor crane maintenance – Any mechanical equipment that is not cleaned and maintained regularly would wear out faster. The employer should make sure that cranes and forklifts are oiled and cleaned regularly.
  • Defective crane design – If a crane's design is defective, accidents are bound to happen. In order to avoid such situations, construction administrators should first run several checks to observe the crane's performance. If something goes wrong during examination, then they may ask the manufacturer to check the crane's design.

These are just some common causes of crane accidents. If construction workers and administrators want to avoid such accidents, they should work on plans and policies to promote crane safety. They can also follow the tips given above to reduce the number of crane accidents in the construction site.

If construction administrators failed to take these steps toward construction site safety and someone gets injured, he has the right to demand compensation for his expenses. With the help of a Los Angeles accident attorney, he may be able to recover his damages from his employer.