Anyone planning a camping trip usually has a hard time trying to figure out which type of generator will be appropriate for his or her particular stay in the wild or open field. Getting a good one for camping is a sure way of making your outdoor stay quite memorable and relatively normal or homely.

Portable generators have the ability to light up several tents or an entire open field and even offer power for cooking. There are several key factors that one must consider when choosing one for camping and for use outdoors. This is because not all generators can be comfortably used outdoors, it is thus quite important that one chooses a generator that will stand the rough terrain that accompanies many camping trips and outings.

Some of the key factors to consider when choosing a camping generator include but are not limited to;

>>>> The noise level…The noise level is a major factor when choosing one; this is because many areas have noise ordinances that may dictate the kind of generator that can be used. Noisy generators are generally unsuitable for camping needs as they will disrupt the wildlife, other campers and will even deny the user the highly needed rest and relaxation.

It is important to check the decibel rating before purchasing; it is worth noting that it has has 10 decibels more than its competitor is usually 10 times louder! It is recommended that one uses camping generators that have noise levels of 49 to 60 decibels, employ inverter technology and have a totally enclosed body.

>>>> Fuel efficiency and Run time…When choosing yours, it is important to pay keen attention to fuel efficiency of the said generator and the overall run time. There is nothing more irritating than going outdoors with a gas guzzling unit that runs out of fuel midway through the camping experience.

It is advisable to use generators that are able to adjust the engine speed to match the power that is needed at a particular time. Generators that apply technologies like auto throttle that can raise the RPM of a generator dependent on the load applied and get it back to idle when load is removed are quite popular and are highly recommended. A good unit should offer around 15 to 20 hours of run time on a single tank of gas.

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>>>> Size and compactness…A camping unit should be compact and easy to carry; it should also be relatively light. Because most outdoor trips usually include a lot of packing and carrying of luggage; weight and ease of carrying or handling the unit usually becomes quite crucial. Nobody wants to carry a camping generator that swallows up van space and is difficult to load and offload.

>>>> Ease of starting the generator… Not everyone going for an adventure outdoors has mechanical knowledge on how to start it. And even those who know how to start one usually prefer one that can be started and switched off easily. There are models that offer electric starts; these are usually quite simple to start. Most 4 stroke generators are also quite simple to start.

>>>> Wattage of the generator…When choosing generators for camping it is important to choose one that will offer sufficient wattage for the appliances or electric items that you will require outdoor. It is advisable to take a few minutes to add the wattage requirements of the all the appliances that will be in use and provide adequate surplus wattage that can be used during an emergency. There are several online sites that can help in calculating wattage.

>>>> The cost of the generator…After clearly identifying the kind of generator one requires, it is important to take into consideration the cost factor. The number of times one usually goes outdoors for camping should be considered when making a choice on the kind of camping generator to buy. It is quite unwise to spend so much money on equipment that will be used maybe once or twice after every two years.

As much as one considers the cost of purchasing generators for camping it is important not to sacrifice quality with cost. A fair balance should be struck between the two; there are basically camping generators for every category of outdoor camper. Choose your camping generator wisely so as to make your outdoor stay memorable and great.