Aluminum carports are now widely available and have become very popular. The increasing popularity of these structures has led to an increase in variations and options available on the market. Even over the past 10 years there is an amazing amount of new products on the market. Once you have decided to purchase such a carport you must then start to make decisions about sourcing, size, color, aluminum processing, etc.

The first factor to be considered should be size. Carport kits generally come in standard single or double widths. Extra wide carports are also available at an increased price. The width of your carport might be limited by size and or budget. Generally double width carports are 50-60% more expensive than single width carports. Most carports are a standard length of approximately 20-24 feet. Longer carports are available. In addition there are special carports kits for RV carports.

It is recommended that you only use anodized aluminum. The process by which aluminum becomes anodized increases the strength and durability of the aluminum. The anodization process also allows the aluminum to be dyed. If you want a particular color of carport the aluminum must be anodized. Once you have chosen a size and have determined whether or not you will insist on anodized aluminum you can then start to look for a vendor.

There are numerous aluminum carport distributors online. Most will guarantee delivery within 5-7 days and most will provide a 1-2 year warranty against manufacturer defects. Carport kits are also available through home improvement shops such as Home Depot, Lowes, and Rona. The prices can vary greatly so do a thorough search. Also ask for the names and contact information of previous customers. Checking for previous customer satisfaction is time consuming but worth every minute in peace of mind.

The best place to start researching the different types of aluminum carports available is online. You can gather all sorts of pertinent information that will allow you to make an informed decision about what type of product best suits you. Once you have narrowed down your options take the time to speak with a dealer or an educated store salesperson about what they might recommend. The perfect aluminum carport does exist but you need to do your homework.