Phone cards are a great way to make cheap domestic long distance phone calls, and lately, with cell phone plans becoming so cheap, phone cards are more frequently used to make long distance phone calls around the world, allowing people to dial internationally to keep in contact with loved ones, or used when you travel abroad. You need to be careful when selecting a long distance phone card for both international long distance as well as domestic long distance, as many of them have hidden fees that can take your money and not leave you with much time for calling. Before purchasing a prepaid phone card, take the time to read the small print. Common fees for all types of prepaid phone cards include: Fees for calling from a pay phone, maintenance fees charged weekly or monthly, and connection fees that are charged to your phone card every time you make a call. Also, if you're dialing internationally, there can be a different per minute charge if you're calling a land line phone or a cell phone. Convenience is another factor to consider. Is there a customer service number so that you can call someone if you have a problem with the charges? Can you recharge your prepaid calling card over the phone with a credit or debit card? Sometimes talk and toss can give you a better rate, but if the only place to get them is across town, any savings that you get are canceled out by the time and cost to get there. Also, since each prepaid phone card has its own PIN, the ability to recharge the same card keeps you from having to remember another pin number. If you're calling several different countries, that can also have its challenges; some calling cards simply allow you to dial one country, some allow you to dial more than one. Sometimes it takes some extra effort to find that one card that fits all your long distance dialing needs. Better that you take your time in deciding which prepaid long distance card is for you, than to pay too much for your international or domestic long distance calls. The extra time and effort will pay off with the extra enjoyment you get from calling your loved ones without any frustration.