Refurbished laptops refer to laptops which are returned to the manufacturer, repaired and then sold again in the market; however this is a rather misleading definition because it leaves out a significant detail. Different refurbished laptops may have been returned to the manufacturer for different reasons. Why were they returned in the first place is a vital question.  The obvious answer that will come to your mind is that these laptops were faulty; however this is not always the case.  Often, these laptops were returned by customers who took advantage of the 30-day money back guarantee. In other cases, the returned models were overstocked items that were returned to the manufacturer by the retailers. Due to quirky legalities, such laptops cannot be sold as new models. All these laptops are repaired and then sold as factory refurbished laptops.  

If such an opportunity exists, some of our readers may be asking why customers are reluctant to buy factory refurbished laptops, since they are sold with a good discount. The reason may be loss aversion. For most of us, the prospect of a gain does not excite us as much as the prospect of loss scares us. Maybe this is why customers wrongly evaluate the odds of factory refurbished laptops being defective units. If one can logically understand the reasons why laptops were returned in the first place, they might feel less aversion in buying them.

Thus factory refurbished laptops can be great bargains for the value interested consumer; despite the fact that when buying such laptops, you will not be able to know why they were returned. Nevertheless, there are tangible things that you can actually evaluate, for instance the track record of the seller. Public forums can be a good way to evaluate this, but be aware of the fact that sometimes sellers hire writers to publish favourable fake posts. To be further on the safer side, you can check if the refurbished product was subjected to tests and/or certification standards.

You have to accept the fact that, occasionally, a factory refurbished laptop may turn out to be faulty. But this can also happen by purchasing a new laptop or computer. One or two wrong purchases cannot be used to make a logical conclusion about factory refurbished laptops.  By reasonably evaluating them, you will see that they can be valid bargain purchases.