Many people automatically freak out when they hear the word recalled being placed before or after anything to do with their baby. We all know that babies are fragile beings, and should be handled extremely delicately; however, freaking out is definitely the worst thing that you can do when you see the latest list of recalled strollers. The best thing to do when you see a list of recalled strollers is to stay calm, and assess the situation. You must first look for your specific model, or the models of any of your friends that you would like to warn. Once you have found out whether your specific strollers have been recalled, you must look for the reason that they were recalled or the defect that they possess. These steps will lead to the absolute optimal outcome for you, and your baby!

Graco is known for not having recalled many strollers; Amazon has a ton of Graco strollers being sold for very low prices!

You May Not Have To Return Your Recalled Strollers

The first thing that people think about doing when they see the list is to return it to the place that they have purchased it from, and buy a new stroller; however, sometimes this is not as easy as it sounds. For instance, imagine that you have purchased your stroller from a store that only existsBOB Revolution Single Jogging Stroller In OrangeCredit: in Canada, and you have now moved to a new house in Florida; it will probably cost you more to ship the stroller to the manufacturer than you would receive back from the product. However, you may not necessarily have to return your recalled strollers to the manufacturer. Companies sometimes recall their products for minor defects that do not breach the safety of the product. There is no need to return the product if the defect is something that you do not mind, and will not affect the safety of your baby when they are in it.

All Of The Recalled Strollers Do Not Necessarily Have Something Dangerously Wrong With Them

The main reason that people automatically freak out when they hear the word recall is that it usually means that something is quite dangerously wrong with the product. However, there are some specific times in which the defect does not affect the safety of the child that is in it. You should definitely do some research prior to panicking, and look into the reasons that the recalled strollers are being pulled off of the shelves. Only once this has been done can you make a fair judgement on whether to return the stroller or simply keep it.

There Are Quite A Few Graco Recalled Strollers Simply Because They Produce Many Models

Graco is definitely one of the top producing brands in the niche of baby products. They produce anything from strollers to car seats, and everything in between. There are some common misconceptions that are circulating about there being a lot of Graco recalled strollers on the market; and this is a verified fact-there are a ton of recalled models by the Graco brand name. However, there are also a ton of models by the Graco brand name in general. Therefore, the overall percentage of recalled products  by Graco as opposed to successful models is practically the same as any other brand name.

The Most Popular List Of Recalled Strollers

There are a ton of models that have been called back because of one or more defects; however, the majority of these models go unnoticed due to their lack of brand popularity or sales. The most popular list of recalled strollers can be found below; you will more than likely find your stroller here if it was recalled since these brands and models make up the vast majority of the sales.

-BOB Jogging Strollers-A drawstring could get wrapped around the child’s neckGraco Quattro Tour Duo Stroller In BrownCredit:

-Phil & Teds Stroller (V1 And V2)-Adult’s fingers could be caught in the hinge

-Graco Quattro Tour-Infant can get trapped inside due to the folding mechanism

-Zooper Tango Double-Baby can fall out of the side

-Britax Blink Umbrella Models-Consumer’s fingers can get caught in the hinge

There are quite a few more recalled baby models; however, these models possess the great majority fo the sales.Zooper Tango Double StrollerCredit:

Going To The Company’s Website Or Calling Them Will Yield Their List Of Recalled Strollers That They Have Produced

It is almost a requirement for the company to have a list of their recalled strollers available on their website or through their telephone hotline. This is both to make sure that they cover their rears against lawsuits, and because they genuinely care about the well being on the consumer and their babies. You can also find many lists on third party websites regarding defective and faulty baby equipment; however, these lists can never be deemed as being official. The only official to way of checking is to contact the manufacturer directly, and find out if your model has been recalled!