The Arabian Mau is a natural breed of cat originally from the Middle East.  These felines have  been in existence for more than 1000 years.  Mau is the Egyptian word for cat.  If you ever visit  the Arabian Peninsula you will likely see this breed out wandering around. This is how they got their unusual name.  

This article contains facts about the Arabian Mau and tips for those who are considering adopting one of these interesting cats.  

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Characteristics of an Arabian Mau

These cats are noted for their long and  slender bodies.  They have thin but muscular legs and the paws are oval shaped.  Females generally are about average in size and similar to other breeds.  However, the males tend to be quite big when they are fully grown.  They do not have any distinct colors or patterns on their coat.  

The Arabian Mau's natural home is the desert where they have roamed for centuries.   The Mau is considered to be the best example of a survivor, as they have been used to looking after themselves.   They have not depended on people to feed and care for them.  

The felines who still live in the desert  typically will search for prey at night as temperatures  soar over 100 degrees during the day.  Cats are nocturnal creatures so there was no need to adapt to night time activity.  The intensity of the day time heat makes it impossible to hunt for food, even though they adjust to extreme temperatures better than any other type of feline. Frequent self grooming helps to cool their body  and prevent heat stroke.  

Rapid development in some areas has depleted their natural habitat and made life more challenging for those cats who still roam and do not have homes.  

They are very skilled at hunting and do not lose this  instinct.  Arabian Maus who have been adopted into homes will still look for and catch prey if they are allowed to be outside.  

The Mau is territorial, although this is a common characteristic of many cats.  For this breed claiming "ownership" of certain areas likely can be traced to their background of  living outdoors and not relying  on humans for their survival.  Providing the pet with an area that is strictly for him or her is a good idea if you are able to do this.  

Despite their reputation for roaming and independence, Maus actually make good pets.  They like people and adjust well to living with others.  

Taking Care of an Arabian Mau

A Mau is definitely a low maintenance cat.  Since they originated in the desert, they have short hair and no undercoat.   Grooming is easy to do.  Arabian Maus are also very good at self grooming, which is another characteristic of living on their own for hundreds of years.  

They are not fussy eaters and will accept any diet.  Of course they should be given healthy, high quality food just like any other cat.  

The Arabian Mau is usually a healthy cat.  Being a natural breed, they have a better immune system than some other domestic cats.  You probably won't have to deal with a lot of health problems, and the likelihood of the pet living for many years is very good.  Their longevity can be attributed to the fact they are a natural breed.

One thing you need to know if you are planning on adopting an Arabian Mau is that they are very skilled at jumping up onto high places.  A  cat condo or tower is very useful to have.  Otherwise they may jump to whatever tall place they can find in a house.  

Arabian Mau cats make good companions and have an affectionate nature.  They are suitable for children and households that have other animals.   The Mau likes to remain active so they will need toys and other things to keep them stimulated.  

Short Video about the Mau