Interesting facts about College

College is a big step for any young or old person to take in their life. The thought of starting college brings on a large spectrum emotions such as nervousness and excitement. Regardless which emotion you are currently experiencing let it be known that when most look back on their college years it is one of the best times of their lives. I have listed ten interesting facts about college that will provide you with a little more information on your college education. Whether you are nervous or excited, this will arm you with a few extra college related facts.

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1. How Much Debt Does a College Student Have?

On average the typical college student has about $21,000 in debt when they graduate. Graduates tend to find it hard to pay off their debt and also save for goals such as purchasing a home or buying a car.

2. How much do College Graduates Make?

College graduates with a bachelors degrees make an average income of $53,000, while high school students make an average of $29,000. College graduates with a masters degree tend to make $31,000 more per year than high school graduates.

3. College and Sleep

Most College students require 9 hours of sleep in order to reach their highest academic performance, however on average college students get about 5-6 hours of sleep per night. About 20% of college students suffer from sleeping disorders.

4. College Students and Facebook

In 2010 one of the most popular websites used by college students is Facebook. It is twice as popular among young women, since women are more intereseted in social networking during their college years.

5. Changing Your Major

Approximatley 80% of college students change their major at least once during their college career. In fact on average, college students change their major three times until they are able to settle on a major they really enjoy.

6. College Students and Drinking

About 60% of full time college students drink. Students spend about 10 hours a week drinking and partying and only spend about 8 hours studying.

7. College Dropouts

About 1 in 4 college students drop out at some point in their college career. Some reasons why these students don't make it include, financial constraints, their homesick, no guidance and they have educational burnout.

8. What Do College Students Tend to Eat?

College students tend to drink a lot of carbonated beverages and very few students eat frutis and vegetables. Many students eat yogurt, cereal and sandwiches since they are very affordable and easy to make. Only about 1/5 of college students eat breakfast.

9. How Many College Students Fail A Course?

About 1/3 of college students fail at least one class in their college career. Most students fail classes in their first year since they are not use to the way the college class is structured. For instance they do not study the proper material or study the material enough.

10. Average College Tuition

It is hard to determine the average cost of college tuition since it depends on the college you will be attending and if you will be living on campus. For students that go to community college and live at home tuiton can cost about $3000 a year. For students that go to private colleges and live at home, tuition per year can be anywhere between $9,000-$39,000 per year