Fiber, we all know it's good for us. Almost every cereal on the market claims its high in fiber. We have also been told countless times about fiber helping keep us regular, or going, as in to the bathroom. However do we really understand why fiber is so good for us. There is a great job fiber does for the body that no other food product can compare.

Did you know that fiber scrubs away fat from your body? It certainly does, and that fact alone has you running for some fiber right? We all want fat gone, the sooner the better. Lets check out how fiber does it's work within the body. Fiber works like a broom so to speak, it sweeps through your adipose cells with a unique brushing technique that bust down, and washes plaque deposits from the cells. Sounds great, we don't want all that yucky fat in there anyway. The less fat in our cells the better.

Here's another fiber fact, did you know fiber isn't digested? that's right we don't digest fiber. That sounds kinda strange doesn't it? Well the fact of the matter is, after it cleans your cells it's simply eliminated. What happens is after you eat fiber, it stimulates the production of bile salts. And bile salts is a substance needed to digest fats by triggering a reaction, that makes your body draw on it's fatty stores to synthesize more bile. Sounds kinda gross, talking about bile and everything, but its a good thing because it helps control fat production in your cells, and also helps in it's elimination.

Now, in conclusion what have we learned. We learned how fiber works in your body to rid it of fat. and that's really all you need to know. Fiber tells fat to get out!. Best advice, find fiber and eat it. If you dont eat enough fiber Increase your fiber in your diet, however dont eat to much. Adding fiber is simple, eat more whole wheat bread, Brown rice, beans, peas, Baked potato with skin, whole oranges, whole grain cereals, plain popcorn, wheat or oat bran, and unpeeled apple or applesauce made with the skin. Try adding more fiber, to help lose weight, and maintain better health.