5 Minutes Facts About Georgia (The Country)

Georgian Flag(131915)Credit: office.microsoft.comGeorgia is a country on the border of the Asian and European continents. Its border to the west by the black sea, and shares its borders with 4 other countries. The countries bordering Georgia are Russia (north), Turkey (south) Armenia (south-east) and Azerbaijan (east)

Georgia's said to have taken its name from their liking of Saint George, which explains the similarities between their flag and England’s St George flag. The country also celebrate St George's Day, which is on the 23rd of November.


Georgia's situated along the Caucasus mountain range which passes through many countries in the region. Along with the neighbor countries which share the range, Georgia has many postcard views of snow-capped mountains, lakes and forests.[4]


Fast Facts

  • The capital of Georgia is Tbilisi, which is on the banks of the Kura River., and is home to about 1.5 million people.[2]
  • Georgia is half the size of New York State. (approx. 70,000m2). The country is about 400km across at its widest point.
  • Georgia’s population is just under 5 million people.
  • The Silk Road the trade route between Europe and China runs through Georgia, which was quite beneficial as traders would often pass through Georgia  in the 1st century.
  • The currency is the Lari
  • The highest point in Georgia is Mt. Shkhara which is over 5km high. (5201m)
  • The country has a 310km long coastline which runs along the black sea on its western border.[2]
  • The country code for Georgia is .ge, and the phone country code is +995



Georgian cuisine consist mainly of food that is native to its region. Salads, vegetables and meat, which are then cooked in traditional ways like slow cooking and grilling.

Red and white wines are produced in Georgia and have been for thousands of years. Wine, is very popular in the region as a strong wine making tradition exists in Georgia. With over 500 original varieties of grape, there are wines to suit any and all tastes.

The country also produces great local fruit juices, and teas.


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Ties with Russia

Georgia has had a checkered history with Russia and broke away from Russia after the fall of the soviet union in the early 1990’s. 

Although Georgian now considers itself independent of Russia, it has two separatist regions which are still allied with Russia but are in Georgia's territory apart. They are Abkhazia  (north-west) and South Ossetia (north).[4]

These areas have been the cause of conflict in Georgia in recent times, and was the cause of Russia invading the country briefly in 2008.[4]

It's advised that visitors avoid going to these regions unless necessary.



The most popular sport in the country is rugby union, although the countries have historical ties with wrestling, and play soccer which is the most common sport in the region.

In both the winter and summer Olympics, Georgia is well represented for such a small country. Their rugged terrain and moderate climate make great practice grounds for outdoor events.[3]


Georgia is famous for

  • Precious stones and metals are of very good quality and are very cheap in Georgia. Because of this many foreigners visit to buy jewellery.
  • Georgia does take part in the Eurovision song contest with their highest placing being 9th (2010 and 2011)[1]
  • Georgians are also known as being very friendly, welcoming and hospitable people.
  • The coastline also gets quite popular in July when the country experiences its hottest month. It is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike.


Thanks for reading if you know any facts about Georgia (the country) why not post them in the comments below?

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