Life is like the sailing boat

Life is like a turning wheel; sometimes you are up, sometimes you are down. The fact remains that life, whether you like it or not is nothing permanent. For most people who are struggling everyday in order to cope with life; life for them is a series of unpleasant chapters with little to consider worth remembering but these unpleasantness could turn the other way around.

Here are facts about life that you can consider in order to live more


Fact # 1

Life could never be perfect. If life were perfect; there would be no challenges for a person to face plus there would be no interesting phase of life. God made life imperfect so that people will have responsibilities to do. The missing links in life become tools for people to use in grappling with circumstances that they encounter in life everyday; otherwise, man would just sit down and do nothing if life were perfect.

Fact # 2

Most circumstances in life aren't permanent. Circumstances always change from time to time. As the popular saying goes; nothing is permanent in this world we live in. There will always come a time when your life changes; and the changes could either be positive or negative, just as it could be bad or good.

Fact # 3

Life could either be happy or sad. You have to accept that life has only two directions to go, and the situation depends on how you look at situations. There are individual differences and you could either look at the brighter side of things or the darker side. This means that the way you look at things will determine how you will live your life.

Fact #4

Life could either be a success or a failure. For as long as you are living on earth; you can always hope for situations to change directions. So if you are struggling with what little you have today; you can always hope for a brighter future. This has been proven a lot of times. Life has proven things that some people call, "a miracle." You could be very poor today but, the next time, you could be a very rich man.

Fact # 5

In reality, you can never have everything in life. No one has ever obtained everything in life. You could be the richest man alive but there will always be things that you cannot have. Just like many people around who maybe wealthy but unhappy and people who are very poor but can have all the time to laugh off their problems and live a happy life. That's a fact.

Fact # 6

Life is full of surprises. You will always get a surprise one way or another in the span of life you live on earth. And what makes life interesting is that the surprises could either be pleasant or unpleasant. If you are lucky, you can be surprised by a miracle in life but if you are unlucky, you can receive the most heart-shattering surprise in life that could devastate you totally.

Fact # 7

Life is what we make it. You always hear that line and that is one of the facts of life. Life is what you make it; this makes sense. If you believe in fate and luck; it may help you but the fact remains that what you do with your life determines the kind of life you will have. So if you want to mess your life, go on but you will suffer the consequences of your acts. But if you start your life the right way; you can be sure that everything will go on smoothly.

Fact # 8

Life rolls with the turn of time. Life always moves on no matter what happens; so if you are submerged in a cauldron of problems today; don't lose hope because tomorrow will always be another day and it may change the situation. You will live a happier and healthier life if you live one day at a time and not try to think of what will happen next year when the year is just starting.

You cannot predict what your life would be but you can at least make it worthy. Just like a sailing boat; you man your own life and it is up to you to veer it to the right direction.