I can bet anybody that is reading this article that they know at least 110 people who have set out on a weight loss adventure only to have it end within a week of beginning. These weight loss journeys usually end because the individual either does not have the willpower to continue with the proper nutrition, or does not see the results that they have expected. Regardless of whether an individual has attempted to follow a nutrition plan geared towards weight loss one or one hundred times, the fact still remains that the first 10 pounds are the most crucial to shed. This is because they are physically the easiest pounds to lose, while being mentally the hardest, and they set the rhythm for your whole nutrition plan!

The first 10 pounds are physically the easiest 10 pounds that you will ever lose by far. Many factors of human anatomy and nutrition support this statement but they can be summed up into "shocking your body". I believe that the easiest path to understanding is through simple analogies; therefore, you will see me use many of these to assist in explaining so that ultimately, you will understand fully. Imagine that you are taking a hot shower, and suddenly the hot water tank breaks down and the water turns cold; the first 30-40 seconds under that cold water will seem unbelievably cold. Due to the change, your body is reacting differently in the first 30-40 seconds than when it has adjusted to the temperature. The first 10 pounds of your nutritional journey can be thought of in the same manner. Your body will react differently in that it will burn fat easier, faster, and more efficiently for the first 10 pounds; the shock will allow it to do so.

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Although the first 10 pounds may be physically the easiest to lose, they will be mentally the hardest to lose. This is for the same reason as previously stated: the shock on your body. An individual that decides to embark on a journey of weight loss through nutrition at the age of 30 has probably spent the last 10+ years eating whatever they please until they are content, consuming about 4000 calories per day. Even reducing his caloric intake by a mere 500 calories per day to 3500, the individual may feel hungry, thirsty, tired, weak, or have headaches during the first 10 pounds. Do not be alarmed, this is just your body's way of communicating that something is different to you; it is used to receiving 4000 calories per day, so now with only 3500 it is telling you that it wants more by sending these signals of hunger, thirst, fatigue etc. through your central nervous system to your brain. It is an individual's ability to cope with these feelings and overcome them that will determine the mental difficulty of the ability to lose their first 10 pounds. The first 10 pounds are physically the easiest to lose because your body reacts amazingly to your nutritional change, but are mentally the hardest because your mind is telling you to eat unhealthy foods to feel better.

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The speed and direction of the first 10 pounds will also determine the rhythm that will be set for the many pounds following thereafter. If after losing 5 pounds, an individual surrenders to a fast food hamburger; that individual will be more likely to do so in the future of their diet more than someone who didn't surrender. The calorie reduction is also completely up to the individual; for some it may be feasible to reduce their caloric intake by 250 calories, and for others that number may be 800 calories or more. Both of these factors play a large role in the rhythm of an individual's weight loss journey.

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Some people follow a nutritional plan directed towards weight loss for one week and others for a whole lifetime; but regardless, the first 10 pounds are the most crucial for anybody trying to lose weight through nutrition. They can be the hardest mentally, the easiest physically, and determine the entire rhythm for weight loss. I hope you enjoyed reading this!