Hi everyone and welcome to my own personal musings about all things Louis Tomlinson.  Justin who, I ask myself? Since One Direction came busting onto the scene I only have eyes and ears for Louis.  I have become so obsessed with him and know so much about him that I thought I would share with the world my top 10 facts about Louis Tomlinson.

Who is Louis William Tomlinson?

He was born Louis Troy Austin on December 24, 1991 in Doncaster, England.  His parents were Johanna Poulston and Troy Austin. His mom and dad split up when he was young and his mother married Mark Tomlinson. Louis then took his stepdads name and became known as Louis William Tomlinson.  He has one half sister by his dad whose name is Georgia Austin and four half sisters from his mom and step-dad and they are Charlotte, Felicite, and Phobe and Daisy who are twins.

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His Favorites

Being famous means that everyone wants to know everything about you.  I am one of those people. Louis has lots of favorites, but here are a few that you might like to know about: His favorite Television shows are, Skins and One Tree Hill; His favorite band is The Fray; and his favorite color is dark red.

Louis Tomlinson Weird Acts and Moments

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Louis Tomlinson Funny Moments and Facts

Check out this funny video

Other Interesting Things

Besides his favorite things there are some other interesting tidbits that a fan of Louis Tomlinson would want to know.  Things like, he named his dog Ted; he got suspended from school for mooning his teacher; he has a fear of birds; he has blue eyes and he is 5'9" tall.

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Facts About Louis TomlinsonCredit: WikipediaLouis has an unusual view of relationships by today's standards.  He chooses to stay faithful to his girlfriend, Hollister model Elenore Calder.  He wants to set an example for his little sisters by showing them how a guy is suppose to treat a girl so that they will know how they should be treated by a guy.  He believes in treating a girl with respect.

Well I am half way through my top 10 facts about Louis Tomlinson but I had to take a break here to just say that I have found Louis to be a real upstanding kind of guy.  

I mean, he's not the stereotypical guy that you would think someone in a boy band would be. You know, the kind that is all about how many girls they can get and when they get tired of them they just toss them aside and move one to the next one.

He is a great role model for his sisters as well as his band mates.  Ok, enough of my interjection... back to the facts.

Louis Tomlinson Solo Singing

How It Started

Before Louis became a pop idol, he was an extra on the show Fat Friends.  He enjoyed it so that he began  attending acting classes while he was still in school. He soon landed small roles in two other television shows.  While in High School Louis auditioned and  won the part of Danny Zuko in the schools production of Grease.  It was this role that prompted him  to audition for The X Factor.

The X Factor Journey

Louis originally auditioned for the X Factor in 2009 but did not make it far enough to sing in front of the judges. He didn't give up and came back to audition for the X Factor in 2010.  He auditioned as a soloist but the judges felt  he was not strong enough as a soloist so they grouped him with Niall Horan,  Zayn Malik,Liam Payne, and Harry Styles during the bootcamp round and One Direction was born. They did well as a group and finished in third place.

One Direction

As the oldest member of the band Louis is known as the band leader.  The band's debut album "Up All Night" did so well, that to date it holds 2012's second biggest album sales record in the US. Louis sang solos on Moments, Stand Up, Save You Tonight, Everything About You, I want, More Than This, and One Thing.

Best Friends

After meeting at the X Factor Auditions, Louis and Harry Styles became good friends and decided to move in together.  If you are like me your probably wondering what kind of roommate Louis would be. Well let me just say that he is the messy one and Harry is the neat one.

What's Next

Louis and the band are working on their second album.  It is scheduled to be released in November of this year and One Direction are scheduled for a world tour in 2013.

Well those are my top 10 facts about Louis Tomlinson.  I hope that you have enjoyed getting to know Louis as much as I have.