Here are 20 facts that you may not know about Morocco:

  1. Morocco is on the top of western North Africa, bordering Algeria to the east and Western Sahara to the south. The country is divided down the eastern side by the Rif Mountains in the north, and the Atlas Mountains further south.
  2. Morocco's currency is the Moroccan Dirham (MAD). This can only be used within Morocco and no currency can be taken out of the country.
  3. Morocco has a population of 32 million people.
  4. Morocco's official language is Arabic, but this is spoken in a regional dialect. Berber is the second most spoken language, with 3 different Berber languages spoken. After these, French is the most spoken language, closely followed by Spanish.
  5. Contrary to popular belief, Rabat, not Casablanca, is Morocco's capital city.
  6. Morocco is a monarchy, ruled by King Mohammed VI, since 1999.
  7. The majority of Moroccans follow Sunni Islam. There is also a small Jewish population in Morocco.
  8. From 1912 until 1956, Morocco was under French rule.
  9. The university in Fez is the oldest, not only in Morocco, but also in the world, and dates back to 859AD.
  10. Morocco has two Spanish territories within the country – Ceuta and Melilla.
  11. Morocco is well known for it's warm, Mediterranean climate, but it is possible to ski in the mountains in Morocco during the winter.
  12. The Hassan II mosque in Casablanca is the largest in Morocco and the fifth largest in the world.
  13. The Djemma el Fnaa in Marrakech is a world heritage site.
  14. Morocco is known around the world for its handicrafts and leatherwork.
  15. Notable Moroccan authors include Tahar Ben Jelloun, Mohamed Choukri, Mohamed Mrabet and Leila Azboueid.
  16. Although the consumption of alcohol is illegal for Muslims, wine making is one of Morocco's most successful industries.
  17. Morocco's national dish is cous cous, which is handmade from wheat, oil and water. It is served with meat and vegetables (typically on a Friday).
  18. Meals in the Moroccan home are served in one large dish, which is shared between the family. Most meals are eaten with the hands, rather than with cutlery.
  19. There are two kinds of taxi in Morocco. The large taxis, called Grands Taxis, move from city to city. The small taxis (petit taxis) operate within each city only.
  20. Before getting married, Moroccan men must pay their wife a dowry. What this is (money, gold etc) is negotiated by the two families before the wedding.

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