When thinking about getting a small dog you may wish to learn all you can about Pekingese dogs. They can be wonderful companion dogs, are very intelligent and can be very loyal. Because of their tiny size they can be fantastic pets for an apartment especially if you’re able to get out and give them a daily walk. Before getting any dog regardless of breed; careful consideration and planning should be undertaken so that the most responsible decision can be made and that the dog won’t find itself in search of a new home shortly after it has come to live in yours.

Longer Coats Vs. Shorter Spaniel Coats

One thing about Pekingese is that they have two different coat varieties. Most that are from the show world have very thick coats that require quite a bit of care. The thicker coat will need to be brushed often so that the dog doesn’t develop mats or other coat problems. The shorter spaniel coats require a lot less work to maintain a good appearance. Both types are considered a double coat so they will have some shedding. Pekingese puppies of both types of coats can be born in the same litter giving a person the choice from the same lineage. There are some from a Pekingese mix that actually have very short fur which needs almost no maintenance.

Something about Pekingese you won’t want to forget is that because of the way their body is put together they are very susceptible to becoming over heated. Pekingese puppies in specific, have even more problems because they are tiny and haven’t developed any sort of resistance to any sort of weather conditions so should have a careful eye kept on them at all times. Some dogs that are a Pekingese mix still have the heat problems because of their pushed in faces not allowing them sufficient panting abilities so they are not easily cooled off.

About Pekingese, you should know that due to their conformation there are some health problems that are a common problem with this breed. Pekingese puppies should be carefully selected from high quality breeders where you will have a chance to see both parents and ask as many questions as you need to so that you are able to get the healthiest possible puppy. If you are overly worried about the possible health problems they may come across then perhaps you should consider a healthy Pekingese mix.

Pekingese puppy mix

About Pekingese History

Something that is fairly unique about Pekingese is that they were originally only allowed to be owned by members of the Chinese Imperial Palace. Pekingese puppies were bestowed to favored people later and only very rarely. An extensive DNA analysis shows that they are a dog breed that is not very far removed from wolves even if they look like an entirely different animal. It is thought to be over 2000 years old. If you’re learning about Pekingese you may like to spend a little time reading on the history of some of the Chinese monarchy. At this time it would be completely wrong to consider a Pekingese mix.

Some of the first known dogs to leave China in 1860 with the British and French during the Second Opium War were five dogs that were owned by the aunt of the emperor. They were taken and given to various people as gifts. A pair was given to the Duchess of Wellington, a pair was given to the Duke and Duchess of Richmond and another was given to Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom. During the presidency of Theodore Roosevelt several started making their way to the United States- gifts from Empress Dowager Cixi. None was known about a Pekingese mix at this time.

Consider Adopting A Pekingese Mix

If you’re thinking about Pekingese becoming a part of your family you should consider adoption. While there may not be an extreme overpopulation of Pekingese puppies there is an overpopulation of dogs in America which means we should all do what we can to insure that as many as possible get loving homes. It may be difficult to find purebred Pekingese puppies to adopt but it will be substantially easier to find a Pekingese mix available.

You may also realize that adopting one of those adorable Pekingese puppies could mean more work in the long run. You may not wish to go through the chewing stage or potty training. This could mean that finding a nice adult Pekingese mix will not only be easier, but better suited to your lifestyle and more likely to make a smooth transition from living at their old home or the shelter, to living with you.

pekingese dog

About Pekingese Diet

If you are looking to insure that you are responsible when thinking about Pekingese and their care you certainly will wish to address their diet. Remember that Pekingese puppies will need different food then when they are adults. This will mean smaller bites and higher fat and protein for their growth and development. When Pekingese puppies grow into adults it’s important to change their food with them so that they still get the proper nutrition and the same can be said for a Pekingese mix.

When the Pekingese or Pekingese mix grows into a senior you’ll want their food to change with this growth also. During all these stages of life your pooch will require different types of nutrition so that they stay in the best possible health. Select a pet shop that offers a wide variety of brands of dog food so that you can get the highest quality and nutrition for Pekingese puppies. Specific breeds may not require different nutrition, but small dogs will need different nutrients in their food then medium or giant breeds.

About Pekingese Selection

Besides making sure that you go through a quality breeder or choose a healthy Pekingese mix you should also do what you can to make sure it is the right decision for you and your family. It’s important that you are responsible. The best rule of thumb when learning about Pekingese and how they will fit into your home is to not rush into bringing a puppy home the first chance you have to get one.