In a person’s search for a small breed dog that is a great companion they are sure to read about Pugs. Their familiar face has popped up in different movies and on the television screen and gained the breed more popularity. Pug puppies are adorable and very difficult to resist for both the seasoned pet owner and a first time pup purchase. There are some things a person may wish to consider before bringing home their very own pug puppy and therefore they should do some homework and read all they can about Pugs.

About Pugs And How To Find The Best One

Bringing home a Pug puppy will mean a life style change immediately. All puppies, including Pug puppies don’t sleep through the night, just like a human infant. You’re going to have some sleepless nights ahead of you if you chose to get a young one. They also are prone to pooping and peeing in the home when they first arrive as they know no better. Make sure you’re prepared to making these changes before you bring one home.

When you’re learning about Pugs you’ll also want to spend some time reading about breeders if this is the route you choose to go.  A quality breeder will ask you many questions. They’ll want to know if you rent or own your own home, where the Pug puppy will stay when you’re at work and if you have any vet references. While all these questions may seem off putting, they are a good sign you’ve stumbled onto a responsible person. Just like with most things cheap Pug puppies do not always mean better. You want a breeder who has checked the parents thoroughly for health problems before they decided to breed them.

In your search for a fantastic Pug puppy you shouldn’t discount a rescue. Now more than ever there are groups popping up all over the place with a mission of insuring dogs aren’t put to sleep, this is also true about Pugs. Often a professional rescue group will know more history about a particular pet then a shelter would. It’s not unusual for these Pug puppies to have been owner surrendered and therefore more history will be known. If going the adoption route then you may also wish to consider getting an adult dog and skipping all the terrors that can come with a puppy.

About Pugs And Their Health Problems

If you are considering purchasing a pug puppy you should first educate yourself on all the different health problems this breed may get. They are prone to a condition dubbed ‘reverse sneezing.’ This is where fluid, food or other debris gets trapped under the palate in their throat causing breathing problems and irritations. It is not a serious condition and resolves itself easily enough. If it goes on too long it can be soothed by rubbing the throat or covering their nose so that they breathe out of their mouth for a moment. Careful selection of a Pug’s puppies can help a person to get around health problems.

One of the more serious issues you should know about pugs is they have hemi vertebrae. This is because a Pug puppy is born with a screw tail, just like boxers and bulldogs. The screw tail is an example of what this looks like in the vertebrae and is completely harmless in the tail, it’s when it occurs in other areas of their spine that it becomes a problem and can often result in euthanasia even as early as in a litter of Pug’s puppies. It’s important to read about health issues when learning about pugs.

One thing about Pugs is that they have a lot of wrinkles, especially around their face and nose.  This means even as a Pug puppy these folds of skin will need special attention. They will need to have special attention to keeping these skin folds clean and dry so that they don’t develop skin problems here. Have careful consideration when looking at purchasing any pug puppies so that you are able to be responsible enough to keep your dog as healthy as possible.

About The Pug And Where It Came From

You’ll have to consider the orient when thinking about Pugs. This is another push faced toy dog that hails from China. Pug puppies were seen in paintings as early as 400 BC. A Pug puppy was originally bred to lie in the laps of royalty. They became popular in Tibet where the Buddhist monks enjoyed keeping them. During the 16th century they started being imported to Europe and became popular in India because of one dog’s heroism. It was in this era that people believe they started being bred to the King Charles spaniel giving them the shorter muzzle we see today.

It wasn’t until the 19th century that Pug puppies found their way to the United States. They gained AKC recognition in 1885 so a Pug puppy could officially compete in the show rings. It wasn’t long after they entered the show ring that they started gaining popularity in homes. In 1981 a lucky Pug won best of breed at Westminster Kennel Club, the most prestigious show in the US.

About Pugs In The Media

There are quite a few Pug puppies that are brought home daily because of this happy dog making an appearance in the media. One of the most famous is Frank the Pug from Men In Black. There has also been many a Pug puppy that has been brought into a person’s home because of the movie, Milo and Otis. There are many famous people that own them and they have made their way into many shows and books. All of this can make a person consider bringing one home to the family. When you’re learning about Pugs and discover your interest was sparked by one seen on television, take a step back and carefully consider whether or not you’ll be able to give these special dogs all the love and attention they deserve.

Photo Credit: Mary R. Vogt