Facts about Saturn!

What is it?
Saturn is a planet that is found in our solar system. it is 1 of the 8 planets that is found around our sun ( the Solar System!) Saturn is around 887 million miles away from the sun!

How big is it?
Saturn is the second largest planet within our solar system, Saturn can be easily identified through a telescope.

What makes up the atmosphere on Saturn?
The atmosphere on Saturn is completely different to ours, this is because the atmosphere is made up of different gasses, the gasses that Saturn is made up of are: 
1. 96% hydrogen
2. 3% Helium 
3. 1% traces of Methane and Ammonia

This shows you what Saturn's atmosphere is made up of. however due to the gasses that make its atmosphere it would be a very unsuitable place for us to live, since we need Oxygen to be able to survive.

How long does it take for Saturn to orbit the sun?
Saturn  orbits the sun every 29.5 years, this is because of the gravity that pulls it around the sun, also the distance it travels around the sun is far greater than our home planet Earth. This is because Saturn is located further away from the sun than we are and it requires more time to move around the Sun.

How long is a single day?
A day on Saturn is around 10 hours, this is because due to the fact that the planet is made up of mainly gasses, allowing the planet to rotate a lot faster thus causing the days on Saturn to go far more quicker!

What is the temperature of the planet?
the average temperature on Saturn is around -140o C (-220o F) this is far more colder than what we are used to on planet Earth, the reason that Saturn is so cold is due to the fact that it is further away from the sun, however if Saturn cam closer to the sun the temperature would increase.

How many moons has the planet got?
Saturn has around 30 moons that orbit itself, all of these moons are visible through a normal telescope.

Interesting Fact!
An interesting fact about Saturn is that the planet has a Ring that is broken down in to three visible layers that can be seen from a normal Telescope. 
here below is an artist made image of Saturn