Before You Sign Up To Surveys

There are many programs that promise people a work at home job comfortably taking surveys from their home computer. There are people who make extra cash a month taking surveys, but I have never seen anyone make a fulltime income from surveys.

What most people don't realize upon signing up is that you won't always be eligible for surveys. And if you don't accept the survey invitation in time you may miss out on doing surveys all together. Some surveys pay poorly 1.50 for 20 minutes of your time, while others may pay 5.00 - 20.00 dollars for your time.

Another thing most people don't realize is that there is a payment threshold. So no you won't be paid every Friday. Your account usually has to reach a minimum of 10.00 dollars, sometimes more before you can request a payout.

It also is important to note that to be eligible for as many surveys as possible you must complete your profiles. This will help match surveys for you to do. On occasion you may not meet a requirement, so you won't get to take the survey. Don't let this discourage you! There always will be surveys to do but there also is many that you won't be able to do.

Is is very important to sign up to a survey website with a valid email address for your survey invitations. You could also make a separate email just for survey websites. Most websites offer payment through paypal, so make sure to also have a paypal account.


Youtube Video Explaining Surveys

I made a youtube video which explains the survey process in a lot of detail, and I am going to be adding it to this article.

The topics of the video will include:

  • Read The FAQ First
  • Setting Up To Do Surveys
  • Earn Through Referrals
  • Reward And Payment Options
  • Is It Even Worth it?

The video goes over a lot of information to do with surveys and setting up to do them. And ways to earn extra cash through referrals. And of course, finding out if surveys are worth the time overall.

Very Important Information About Surveys


The first experience I had with surveys was a few years ago. The only website that ever paid me was Survey Lion, they had sent me a $10.00 dollar check for completing surveys. After that I dropped out of the idea.

Off and on I returned to doing surveys but never got what I wanted and gave up. After much research and learning the ropes a bit better, I have a better understanding and interest in surveys.

I look at it as an extra way to earn some income, not a livable income but extra cash. Plus some websites may enter you into contest where you can win high tech gadgets which is great to. Do not pay money for a survey website trying to say you will make 200 a day, chances are it won't happen.

Do your research, there are tons of free survey websites you can join. Remember though with the payment threshold you won't get any money until you reach it.

I hope this article has provided a better understanding of surveys and how some of the websites work.