S.H.E. (a.k.a. S.H.E. Girl Friends) is an award-winning girl group in Taiwan. Formed in 2000 and debuted in 2001, the group consists of Selina, Hebe, and Ella. S.H.E. has released 12 albums and has sold 15 million copies. Aside from singing, the group has starred in teen idol dramas, endorsed different products, and hosted in variety shows such as Guess Guess Guess. The group also has donated to different charities over the years.

S.H.E. is the only girl group that has been in the Mandopop industry for over ten years and is also the longest-running girl group in Taiwan history. Hence, S.H.E. is referred to as the "Asian Girl Group."


S.H.E. Profile


SelinaCredit: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Selina_perfect3.jpg

Real Name: Jen Chia Hsuan
Birthdate: Oct. 31, 1981
Birthplace: Taipei, Taiwan
Star Sign: Scorpio
Blood Type: A
Height/Weight: 163cm/45kg
Characteristics: optimistic, lively
Color: pink, white
Favorite Animals: rabbits, small dogs
Strengths: kind, good-tempered, honest, brave
Weaknesses: appears cold, doesn't know how to express herself
Life's Motto: family and friends first, love second, career third
Family Members: dad, mom, younger sister


In 2000, Jen Chia Hsuan won in a singing contest that earned her a record deal with HIM International. The stage name "Selina", which symbolizes the moon goddess and connotes "gentleness", is given to her. Pink is Selina's color.

In October, 2010, during the filming of I Have a Date with Spring in Shanghai, Selina and her leading man Haoming Yu were seriously injured in an explosion scene. Selina suffered second and third-degree burns on 54% of her body and minor burns on her face. She underwent five hours of surgery and her condition became stable after 72 hours. Skin grafting was required. Her wedding was postponed and S.H.E.'s two concerts slated that year were both cancelled.
To show support for Selina, Yahoo! Taiwan established a webpage dedicated to the S.H.E. singer. A year later, on her birthday (which is also in the same month as the accident), Selina got married to her non-celebrity boyfriend Richard Chang. Even with her injuries, Selina still looked beautiful in her Vera Wang gown. It was an emotional and special day as it was also the first time the complete S.H.E. members performed since the accident. Selina walked down the aisle to the tune of S.H.E.'s song I Love You.


HebeCredit: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Hebe_perfect3.jpg

Real Name: Tien Fu Chen
Birthdate: Mar. 30, 1983
Birthplace: Hsinchu, Taiwan
Star Sign: Aries
Blood Type: A
Height/Weight: 161.5cm/43kg.
Characteristics: mercurial
Color: black, red, yellow
Favorite Animal: elephant
Hobbies: singing, sleeping
Favorite Cartoon Character: Super Mario
Her Type of Guy: Wang Lee Hom
Family Members: dad, mom, older brother

Tien Fu Chen, the youngest S.H.E. member and a Hakka descent, was a finalist in the audition sponsored by HIM International Music. Her stage name "Hebe", or the goddess of youth, represents self-confidence. Green is Hebe's color.

Although Hebe had only finished high school, she stayed in England for a month in 2006 to continue her studies. I've read that while Hebe was away, Selina cried every time she passed by Hebe's empty room (the two lived together for 7 years). She sent Hebe an email, which the latter had accidentally deleted. When Hebe got back, she asked Selina to read the letter to her, and after reading the first few lines, the two started crying. Hebe revealed that the reason she could tolerate Selina's bad habits was because of her love for the latter.

In 2010, after Selina suffered serious injuries in Shanghai, Hebe had shown support by dedicating songs to her friend in her solo concert tour.

The S.H.E. singer had been linked to singer Jay Chou, but Hebe told the media that it was impossible for Jay and her to be together.

In Selina's wedding, Hebe caught the flower bouquet that Selina had tossed and said, "And i thought I could never get married!"


EllaCredit: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Ella_perfect3.jpg

Real Name: Chen Chia Hwa
Birthdate: June 18, 1981
Birthplace: Pingtung, Taiwan
Star Sign: Gemini
Blood Type: O
Height/Weight: 163cm/48kg.
Characteristics: extroverted, lively, neutral
Color: black, white, dark blue
Favorite Music: pop, rock, funk
Favorite Musical Instrument: piano, guitar
Favorite Movies: Love Actually, Forrest Gump
Most Romantic Thing for Her: sharing an umbrella with your love
Family Members: dad, mom, grandparents, two older sisters, younger brother


Chen Chia Hwa, a Hakka descent, was also a finalist in the 2000 singing competition held by HIM International Music. She is given the stage name "Ella" which represents the torch in the ancient greek mythology and "courage". Blue is her color.

Ella is known as the tomboyish and most outspoken member of S.H.E. That said, she has gained many fans and has been voted as Taiwan's most down-to-earth artist.
Ella has focused more on acting than any other S.H.E. member had. She starred in a handful of dramas such as Hanazakarino Kimitachihe and Down to You. In the variety show Happy Sunday which S.H.E. hosted, there was a segment where proper fire escape procedures were demonstrated. Ella did her own stunt and jumped off from the second floor of a building. However, when she jumped from the third floor, she panicked and fell. She broke her hips and had to wear a support to protect her back. She had another accident during the shooting of Reaching for the Stars. Her ears and hair were burnt from a candle. She won best actress for her role as Ren Jie in the said drama.
On Selina's wedding day, Ella had reportedly cried after seeing the former still looking beautiful despite the accident that took place a year earlier. A year following Selina's wedding, Ella tied the knot with her Malaysian-Chinese boyfriend Alvin Lai. Hebe is her maid-of-honour. Several celebrities had attended the wedding including her Down With Love co-star Jerry Yan.
I personally like Ella. Her unusual voice has given S.H.E. its distinctiveness. I have seen a couple of her dramas and she is really funny.

S.H.E. Idol Dramas

Hanazakarino Kimitachihe

Based on a Japanese manga, this romantic-comedy drama is about a girl (played by Ella Chen) who disguises herself as a boy to get into an all-boys' school where her idol is attending. I have seen the Korean adaptation (To the Beautiful You) but this version is so much better! It's totally hilarious! I knew Ella back then but I had never paid attention to her works. This is the first time I got to see her drama and I instantly understood why fans love her.

Down With Love

This is another notable drama of Ella Chen. In this romantic-comedy, she teamed up with Jerry Yan of Taiwanese boyband F4. Jerry played as a cold lawyer who takes custody of his dead brother's children. The children are very mischievous and he cannot find a nanny that will last. He ends up hiring Ella, whom he mistakenly thinks is a lesbian. I love the chemistry between the two! I haven't laugh this hard for a long time!


S.H.E. 2010Credit: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:S.H.E.JPG
  • S.H.E.'s debut album was released on September 11, 2001, the same day the terrorist attacks took place in the US. For this reason, S.H.E. was initially overlooked by the media.
  • Selina is the only S.H.E. member that has finished college. Selina received a Bachelor of Education degree, majoring in Civic Education and Leadership from National Taiwan Normal University in 2004 -- three years after S.H.E.'s debut.
  • Hebe had appeared in the variety show Guess Guess Guess a year before she joined S.H.E. Years later, she hosted the same show with her co-S.H.E. members.
  • S.H.E.'s choreographer considered Selina as the best dancer among the three. Sadly, after her accident, Selina can no longer dance like she used to.
  • Selina's dream was to get married before the age of 30. She got married on her 30th birthday.
  • Hebe likened S.H.E. to a ball. "We're like a ball or something of that sort. We were born and were divided into three parts. And then on a certain day, the three of us met and formed a ball. It's so perfect, so round. The three of us complement each other wonderfully."
  • Ella almost gave up in joining the singing competition held by HIM International in 2000. She got terrified after seeing the crowd, but her sister persuaded her not to give up.
  • Ella made an extended play (EP) to commemorate the death of her pug Qiang Qiang. One song in the EP is entitled "Mahal Kita", which means "I love you" in Filipino. When Ella first heard these words, she liked it and found it sweet so she wrote a song with these two words. The rest of the song is still in Mandarin though.

89 Days After the Accident

In this video, Selina made her first public appearance since the explosion incident 89 days earlier. She endured her pain and staggered to the press conference as her fellow S.H.E. members Hebe and Ella assisted her. The trio were very emotional. Ella said, "Thank you so much. Wifey* did it... We really missed each other so much. She has finally been discharged today. Thank you everyone. You've seen it too. Wifey has been brave in her rehabilitation. She still has a long road ahead of her. This is just the beginning. I request the media to give our Wifey her much needed privacy for her recovery." Hebe told Selina. "Wifey, you've worked very hard. You are awesome. I idolize you. You're my SHERO**. I love you. You're really awesome..."

Tearfully, Selina thanked everyone for the support, and she was overjoyed that she could finally go home.

*S.H.E. members call each other "Wifey" as a sign of affection.
**SHERO (blend of "she" and "hero") is the title track of S.H.E.'s tenth album.


S.H.E. 2010 2Credit: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:SHE2010.JPG

One thing that I really admire about S.H.E. is the friendship among the three members. Most of the singing groups emerging in the music industry are not as successful due to the disagreements among the members. S.H.E.'s music may sound too ordinary to some, but there's no denying that S.H.E. is one of the most remarkable Asian groups ever existed.


S.H.E. Latest Album - Blossomy

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This is the group's first album since Selina's accident.

Music Video - Blossomy