The Oregon Zoo is located in Portland Oregon and this zoo in Oregon is the oldest zoo located west of the Mississippi River and was established by a donation from a resident in 1887. The Oregon Zoo has some special features such as a steam engine train which takes visitors on a route including the area of Washington Park in Portland, OR which happens to be the oldest park in Portland. So when you visit this zoo in Oregon you can see many different species of animals, attend concerts during the summer and also sign up your child to attend one of the summer camps.

1) General zoo information

The Oregon Zoo is open all year but it does have seasonal hours. The summer hours are from 9 to 6 whereas during the fall and spring this zoo in Oregon is open from 9 until 4. General admission to the Oregon Zoo is $10.00 with seniors at $9.00.  You can get your tickets online as e-tickets. Parking is $2.00 per vehicle and there are some public transportation options available to get to this zoo in Oregon. The location is 4001 SW Canyon Rd in Portland and comprises 64 acres.

2) The Summer Concert season

The Oregon Zoo has a series of summer concerts that it offers to the public. During the public concert season the elephant exhibit does close a bit earlier than usual. If you visit this zoo in Oregon you can also purchase tickets to one of the outstanding concert series presented each year. The series at the Oregon Zoo offers a wide variety of performers such as this year on offer is Mary Chapin Carpenter, Plene Libre and AfroCubism to name a few. Their series schedule is from the end of May until the end of August with approximately 20 concerts on offer at the cost of about $24.00 each. If you purchase them in advance you get a whole hot pizza from the BearWalk Café.

3) The Summer Camps

If you visit this zoo in Oregon you can sign up your children for one of the summer camps which have been offered every year since 1983. These camps are intended for age specific children and each agenda is geared at the Oregon Zoo summer camps for specific children’s age groups. On offer at the Oregon Zoo are summer zoo camps for 4 year olds through 7 to 8 year olds. For the smaller children the agenda at the Penguin Camp may include teaching children about the animals and include songs, crafts and snacks and will teach the 4 year olds how the animals move around like flying or swimming. The camps for older children might include overnights with meals exploring the zoo’s back scenes.

4) The animal collection

The Oregon Zoo has 2200 different animals and birds and other species of which the Oregon Zoo is home to 21 endangered species and 33 threatened species. The difference between these is endangered means the species will soon be extinct and no longer exist whereas threatened means it could be extinct and the population is at present declining like lions. So if you visit this zoo in Oregon you will see some of these types of animals. Plus if you visit this zoo in Oregon you will also see 260 different species of animals.

5) Zoo conservation policies

The Oregon Zoo is dedicated to the preservation and conservation of animals and plants. They believe in environmentally friendly practices and also support green practices. If you visit this zoo in Oregon you will see they belong to 21 different species survival plans which they support vigorously. The Oregon Zoo is an active participant in helping preserve the native species of the Pacific Northwest and they manage the Jonsson Center for Wildlife Conservation.  This center is home to established and active Washington pygmy rabbit and condor breeding programs. So if you visit this zoo in Oregon you will be supporting these programs.

6) The trains and steam train

The Oregon Zoo runs three trains including an oil burning type of train built in 1959 and rebuilt in 2007. These trains are 5/6th size similar to the narrow gauge trains so if you visit this zoo in Oregon you can ride on this train. The trip is 4 miles and lasts 35 minutes and an enjoyable ride to enjoy if you visit his zoo in Oregon.

7) Washington Park

This is where the Oregon Zoo is located and it is a well developed public park as it is the city’s oldest public park so when you visit this zoo in Oregon you can also visit Washington Park. It has about 42 acres with 15 miles of walking paths, plantings, flowers, and a nine hole golf course called West Hills. The Oregon Zoo is actually located within this park so if you visit here and take the train you can also play golf on your visit to this zoo in Oregon. Also located within the park is an arboretum, a children’s museum, a forestry discovery museum and an international rose test garden so you certainly can spend the day here and at the zoo.

8) Banfield Pet Hospital

This hospital works with and partnered with the Oregon Zoo to offer presentations to the summer camps. It offers 6th graders FutureVet presentations to stimulate their interest in becoming a future vet in America.

9) General Portland area for visitors to the zoo

If you visit this zoo in Oregon you can also visit the Portland area and visit the Portland Art museum, some lovely gardens, some sculpture gardens, fountains and ride the aerial tram. Portland has diverse activities including many that are free.

10) Enjoying the zoo

When you visit this zoo in Oregon you can stroll the tropics seeing monkeys and other animals. Or visit the African Rain Forest. Then wander a savanna where rhinos and hippos graze. The Oregon Zoo has them all and you can enjoy them when visiting this zoo in Oregon.