The Roman Colosseum is located in the centre of Rome, Italy at Piazzale del Colosseo and is by far the largest amphitheatre in Europe.  It is the largest sports arena in the whole city of Rome and today is one of  Rome 's most popular tourist attractions receiving millions of visitors annually.

The Colosseum is right at the heart of one of the main archaeological areas of central Rome and will soon open two new areas to tourists, the upper tier and the underground chambers.  It was built with giant  travertine blocks , layered with soft stones and  concrete .  Originally the Roman Colosseum was used for entertainment purposes, it was built to hold 50,000 spectators, with an estimate of 80 entrances.  The Colosseum was used for  gladiatorial  contests and public spectacles.

Many gladiatorial shows were hosted at the Roman Colosseum as well as a variety of other events.  Strange as it may seem but the Colosseum was actually used at various times as a gunpowder plant and as a dumping ground for manure!

The Colosseum was built to entertain the masses with barbaric games, such as the famous gladiator games.  Animals from around the world were caught on a large scale and used in the arena.  The Colosseum is a huge free-standing structure that has been badly damaged over the centuries by fire and a series of earthquakes.  It was the Empire's primary stage for gladiatorial combat for nearly 4 centuries.  The Roman Colosseum was constructed between 70-72 AD for the Emperor Vespasian, founder of the Flavian Dynasty.  The Colosseum is open to tourists and the general public from 8.30 am until one hour before sunset, every day except Christmas day and January 1st.

Here are some interesting facts

The Roman Colosseum-

1- Was built entirely of concrete and was faced with stone.

2- Remained in regular use for nearly 500 years.

3- Was once a thriving social and political center for the citizens of Rome.

5- Is over 64 meters high, and has eighty entrances, it can hold upwards of some 50,000 people.

6- The construction of the Roman Colosseum was started by Vespasian and was completed by Titus.

7- The  exterior  of the Roman Colosseum is made entirely of travertine, stretching 527 m around and four stories high.

8- Opening in A.D. 80, the Roman Colosseum has been standing for almost 2,000 years.

9- The original name of ancient Roman Colosseum was Amphitheatrum Flavium because it was erected during the Flavian Dynasty.

10- The name of Roman Colosseum was given so because there was a colossal statue of Nero situated outside.

11- The Colosseum employed many arches and barrel vaults to support ascending seats.

12- The foundation was made from volcanic ash mixed with lime, which was then added to coarse sand and gravel.